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Looking For Answers? Christie will channel answers up to 3 questions for you. 

Christie has the ability to channel. She has been using her ability to channel information from her guides for years and openly on her Facebook Page. She is now offering the channeling as a service option.

"Information comes to me aurally, from my guides and collective Spirit, and can either write it down or say it much like in a reading. This is much like a mouthpiece for their words. Recently, I felt called to channel for people more and more. Seeing the good it seemed to be doing and decided to open it out to everyone in written format. The spirit guides were very willing for this to happen too. If it helps people, that is wonderful to know firsthand how comforting the personal advice and direction I have received from the guides have been." Christie

Christie will channel answers to up to 3 questions in your life you need guidance. They will be typed out and sent to you by email within 4-5 days of receiving your request. It takes at least an hour to channel, wait 24 hours, and review to make enhancements where needed. The demand has been high for this service, thus the 4-5 day turn around time. 

The words that come back can enlighten, re-assure, and return you to your core. The guides don't Fortune tel - they help along the path and provide insight and clarity in answer to your questions. It can be used for help with specific issues or just general interest in your journey, why you are here and where you are heading

Each person varies, but 3 questions tend to provide a lengthy response. 

Psychic Medium Christie Flynn.