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Beginner/Intermediate Mentorship Program

Connecting To Your Intuitive Wisdom

This is the opportunity to take your intuition to the next level!

Intuition is a natural-born gift, which means you’ve got it!


There's more and more interest in learning how to understand how intuition and the non-physical senses work. Intuitive hunches, but feelings begin to bubble up. It's not always easy to understand or distinguish how it works from the mind chatter, ego, and doubt.


Also, you're unsure on how to ‘turn up the volume’ on this internal messenger.


I am here to help you become more familiar and understand how your intuition speaks to you so that you don’t have to second guess yourself any longer.


 This program is personalized to you; we’ll begin with a private Zoom meeting to go over your past experience and goals.

You can register below or sign-up by  emailing christie@christieflynn.com


"Christie, you've completely changed my life. I couldn't fully understand what I was sensing or how it was all happening. With your coaching, guidance and support I can now apply this to all areas of my life. It has helped me immensely, for THAT, I'm eternally grateful." ML Fortin