White Branch

Intuitive and Psychic Development Course - Fall 2020

With Psychic Medium Christie Flynn

This is an introduction to Intuitive and Psychic/Mediumship Development (Beginner)

This course is an introduction to the development and practice of tuning into your intuitive gifts and much more. Students will be provided with detailed content each month, exercises and homework.

Are you interested in developing your personal intuition?

Have you had intuitive feelings about a person, events or a place?

Have you experienced intuitive sensitivities in advance of an event about a person, event, or place?

Are you interested in gaining insight so you can apply your intuition into areas of your life and apply your intuition to help you become more successful in those areas?

Are you looking to learn how to connect to Spirit and those that have crossed over?

Class Outline:

  • Understanding your Personal Intuition - Wednesday September 9th, 7-9pm

  • Quiet the mind to receive and perceive energy and energy from Spirit - October 7th, 7-9pm

  • Reading the auric field, interpreting personal symbols, messages. Practice. Nov 4th, 7-9pm

  • A focus on spirit animals, numerology, dreams, and practice. Wednesday Dec. 2nd, 7-9pm


The addition of one-to-one mentorship during the course had a positive impact as they reaffirmed experiences, acknowledged strengths and areas to improve, and a great opportunity to practice… building confidence and removing doubt, fear and ego. The sessions also helped create and overall understanding of individual evolution and path. The set time will be determined after the first class. 

The How:

All sessions are provided online with zoom video conferencing with Christie Flynn and other group students taking the course with you. Exercises to help you to expand, connect and gain confidence in your abilities, meditations, and practice during the sessions. Homework assignments in between classes. 

The fee:

The 4 months time we spend together plus all the one-to-one time is $150.00 ( $169.50 HST incl.) monthly or $678 including HST for the 4 month term. Once you have purchased your seat in the course, the fee is non-refundable. The course zoom invite will be sent to you prior to the class. 

Facebook Community:

Once you have registered with payment you will be added to the community. 

About Your Teacher:

Christie is a professional Psychic Medium for over 6 years. She has been supporting individuals with her abilities since 2003. She is a volunteer with the Findme organization since 2018 as an investigative profiler. 

She supports individuals, families that have experienced loss . She felt called to begin teaching in the early spring of 2020 after coaching individuals privately for the last 3 years. She now invites individuals to explore and fine tune their gifts in order to co-create their success in all areas of life.


Registration is available at www.christieflynn.com/booking under classes.

Psychic Medium Christie Flynn.