Intuitive, Psychic, and 
Mediumship Development October to December 2022

Fundamentals of Intuitive and Psychic/Mediumship Development

For the Curious, Beginner, or Newly Spiritual.

Hi there and welcome!


I'm honored and excited to host my third year of mentoring individuals from all over North America. 


Is this for you? Here are a few questions that may help you:


Simply put... are you curious about your abilities? 

Are you having experiences and would like to fully understand how they can help you in your life?

Have you taken a class before but want to get back to learning more about your abilities with a new mentor? Are you sensitive and would like to understand how that impact your energy and what you can do to ground and eliminate the overwhelm that comes with sensitivity?


Who is this for? I recommend this class to anyone above the age of 20.


Requirement: A desire to learn about your inner gifts as well as the time it takes to develop them through attention, awareness, and practice.


I'm excited to present this online course for Raising your Intuitive Awareness, Psychic abilities, and Connecting to Spirit.


  • Imagine being able to feel more secure knowing that you’re right about your feelings and what is good for you and the people you love.

  • Imagine being able to recognize powerful bad feelings and people that influence you to make bad decisions, and how to avoid them altogether.

  • Imagine the freedom that you‘d have knowing that you have the insight to make your life better.

  • How valuable do you think it would be to go on an adventure and discover your hidden senses?


Online Course details: See Below (NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS)

October: Level 1 (Beginner and Curious) Tuesdays October 4th to November 1st 2022

Chapter 1: The Gifts We All Possess - Understanding the Way of the Intuitive

Chapter 2: The Gifts You Develop (The Fundamentals and You - Plus Assignment)

Chapter 3: Signs, Symbols, and Signals (Interpretation and You - Plus Assignment)

Chapter 4: Signs, Symbols and Signals - Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Patterns

Chapter 5: Self-Care for the Sensitive and Next Steps

November to December : Level 2 (Intermediate and Seeker) - TBD

Understanding the Language of Numerology

Self-Care for the Sensitive and Psychic Protection (Class + Practice)

Expansion into practice with themed classes to further development with assignments.


The How: 

All sessions are provided online with zoom video conferencing with Christie Flynn Exercises to help you to expand, connect and gain confidence in your abilities, build your power to connect, and practice during the sessions. Development assignments in between classes.


Registration Fee: $250 plus HST 

Facebook Community: For further support and link to practice circles.


About Your Teacher:

Christie has been a professional Medium for over 7 years (and many more before that until I felt it was the right time for me). She has been supporting individuals with her abilities since 2003. She is a volunteer with the Findme organization for missing persons since 2018 as an investigative profiler.

She supports individuals, families that have experienced loss. As a Psychic, she helps individuals connect to their best path, adjust negative patterns and behaviors to help adjust towards a successful path, and co-create their best life. She felt called to begin teaching online in the early spring of 2020 after coaching individuals privately. She now invites individuals to explore and fine-tune their gifts to co-create their success in all areas of life.

Registration is also available at for e-transfer payments and private mentoring.