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The Fundamentals for Intuitive, Psychic, and Mediumship Development January 16th to February 20th, 2024 

Who Is this for?

For the Curious, Beginner, and Spiritually Connected

Christie Flynn is an accomplished medium and psychic in her own right having trained over many years on her own through various modalities, with seasoned mentors from Canada and the U.K. She has shared her skillset as a psychic, medium, and remote viewer volunteering in many missing persons and animals in the US and Canada. 

She has taught online classes from beginner, intermediate, and advanced psychic/medium levels and her students have loved her way of teaching. She adapts to the individual and groups to encourage, promote and facilitate growth.  She has demonstrated in many venues or for in-person readings across Canada from N.B, Quebec, Ontario, to Alberta. Clients range in all ages and across the world from the US to Brazil, Italy, England, Australia, and Dubai.

Christie has been on quite a journey over the years and has always felt drawn to teach, mentor, and support those who are sensitive to energy. She encourages everyone to be curious about different experiences and supports many who have opened up to what is possible with awareness, intuition, the mental senses, and/or connection to spirit through mediumship. 


Christie is excited to present that this online course helps to RAISE your Intuitive Awareness, Psychic abilities (Mental Sensing Systems), and Connecting to Spirit energy (people and animals).

"Everything is Energy" - Dolores Cannon

It is an honor and a passion that she shares what she's learned and continues to learn through personal experiences. Christie is an incredible empath and understands that the process of development can be challenging at times. 


If you're looking for mentorship, and guidance in the field of understanding yourself, others, and much more, then this is a good place to begin. Many people have reached out to her seeking guidance in many forms over the years. Christie works with a few groups each year from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Please watch for upcoming classes on the event/class page for varying levels of development.

Is this for you? Here are a few questions that may help you.

Are you having experiences and would like to fully understand how your sensitivities can pick up details of information and insights from within you, your soul, and beyond?

Have you taken a class before but want to get back to learning more about your abilities with a new mentor?


Are you sensitive and would like to understand how that impacts your energy and what you can do to ground and eliminate the overwhelm that comes with sensitivity?

We touch on these forms of guidance systems and how it all works. I will integrate topics each week of value to the current group. I apply intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities to mentor each person toward their sensing skills throughout. I adapt to each student and class as a collective group.

Is there an age restriction? I recommend all classes to anyone above the age of 20.


Requirement: A desire to learn about your inner gifts as well as the time it takes to develop them through attention, awareness, and practice. 


  • Imagine being able to feel more secure knowing that you’re right about your feelings and what is good for you and the people you love.

  • Imagine being able to recognize powerful positive or negative sensations about people that influence you to make bad decisions, and how to avoid them altogether OR how to navigate day-to-day decisions with support from your intuitions, senses, and "feelings."

  • Imagine the freedom that you‘d have knowing that you have the insight to make your life better.

  • How valuable do you think it would be to go on an adventure and discover your hidden senses?

What you will gain: 

  • ​An understanding of the difference between soul and spirit. 

  • An understanding of intuition, psychic senses, and mediumship connection.

  • Understanding of the chakras, clairs, and auric field of colors. 

  • Learning to practice presence, awareness, and connection. 

  • Understanding and practice for tuning into and directing the senses. 

  • The Language of the Senses and Spirit.

  • Ethics of spiritual development/practice and self-care practices to support the care for personal energy. 


How is the class presented? This is an online course available via Zoom video.

Start Date and Fee: Thursday January 16 to February 20th ($275+ HST)

Tools needed: Notebook and pen. An openness to learn, expand and grow. 

Registration is also available at for e-transfer payments.

Additional one-to-one mentorship sessions are available upon request. 


"I want to thank you immensely. Your classes helped me so very much. I remember you distinctly stating, "follow the rabbit hole." I know what you meant by that. Thank you for being an incredible teacher and person. Never stop teaching! You were instrumental in my life" - Judi Abrams, Ontario

"I want to thank you for the lessons and your kind heart. I have seen a shift and progress in myself, especially the last class was quite telling. In the last year alone the progress is incredible!"- Marie-Lou F, Ontario

"Thank you for all that you do. I absolutely love, love your classes. They have all helped me grow in more ways than you know." - Theresa Whyte, Vancouver, B.C.

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