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Messages with Christie - In Collaboration with Joanne Moise Routhier, and the Wisdom of the Horses

About Christie Flynn - Psychic Medium, Animal Communication, Energy Healer, and Teacher

Christie Flynn has always been sensitive and intuitive from a young age. She began sharing insights with others after the tragic passing of her mother in 2003. As a full-time Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. Her skills, and training to support individuals and communities through the grieving process and much more. She reaches hundreds of people each year through her services with individuals dealing with subjects such as grief from various losses, abundance, relationships, and family as well as individual coaching for continued support, and intuitive energy release through Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Additionally, she mentors individuals throughout the year within the Intuitive and Psychic Development Course.

About Joanne Moise-Routhier - Empathic Intuitive Soul Guide, Double Beauty Equine Empowerment

Since the age of 4, Joanne has lived and thrived in the farm life and has had an incredible connection with horses. With her lifelong passion for horses along with multiple certification courses in Equine Assisted Learning, years of training with horses, tapping into her empathetic nature, and intuitive abilities, she is truly living on purpose... her passion. 

Wisdom of Horses

The team of horses includes Belle, Max, Oreo, and Ellie. 

Reading/Session Details

Session Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Location: 19855 Kenyon Concession Road 5, Alexandria, ON

Fee: $197 plus HST

Limit of one person per session

We recommend that you dress for the weather as the sessions are available year round. 

*Client confidentiality is the utmost priority and assured.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that a 10 day notice is required for cancellations. Clients are responsible for the full session fee for appointments cancelled with less than a 10 day notice or for "no-show" appointments.

To reserve your session: email to

Christie Flynn

Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and Teacher


Testimonial: "I've heard that horses can help people either in distress or some other issues, but I was skeptical. I knew animals could be sensitive or sense our energies... I just let myself to this new experience with curiosity and an open-minded spirit. Under the supervision and guidance from Christie Flynn, Joanne , and the team of horses, they provided a safe place for me to share, surrender, and let go (painful experiences from the past can sometimes hold you back from living a quality of life). Through Christie's channeled messages/animal communication, and Joanne's knowledge of horse behavior and intuition, I was able to experience emotions that I was not able to share before. There was no judgment whatsoever... I felt so safe....I felt a powerful connection and sensation of freedom, free all of those stuck emotions that I was holding onto and suppressing. The experience helped me to release, shift mental blocks, and created an opportunity for my inner energy to flow." - Diana Romero, Ottawa, ON

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