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Forecast and Action Cycles for January to March 2023 

Christie Flynn’s Action Cycles for January to March 2023

Copyright by Christie Flynn


“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”  – Maya Angelou


As I have tuned in on multiple occasions for the upcoming year, its shifts, lessons, and experiences, I can already feel its completion, fulfilling its part in our transformation process and the world too. Upon reviewing what I wrote in the spring and fall, I see that so much has been completed and carrying over into the new year.

In hindsight, I saw a recurring theme with many clients around the world was a feeling of readiness to let go of the status quo, expand into a new area of meaningful work, and simplify. There also seemed to be varying times when conditions weren’t quite right, or the ongoing seesaw of future worry and analysis kept many in a state of fear. Despite this, an inner faith remained strong and shine through in different forms to support micro shifts forward helping to support a sort of movement forward and regain a firmer standing and foundation.

A firm foundation and grounding within the home through hobbies, creative expression, and connection to nature.  Expanding into new skill sets, new opportunities, collaborations, and networking in new ways continue from past outlooks or action cycles I’ve shared here and online within the social media platforms. (Facebook and Youtube)

Faith over fear, taking risks instead of maintaining the same path…taking the meandering path, and figuring things out along the way.  The distraction of the analytical left brain and ego prefers the status quo rather than change. Much like changing lanes along a car route, taking detours, going a new way often helps us find a new view, people, and opportunities. These deep patterns and behaviors interfere with the next, new phase that’s in the here and now. Creating, and designing a plan that simple. Yes, simplifying will help get action into gear, with momentum guiding the way to so much more.

I do feel that this year is highly focused on communication, talking ideas through, speaking up, letting go, and moving onward with the support of friends, family, outside networks, and support groups or professional guidance as needed. 

As the months sped up, by autumn the energy shifted, we were lifted into a new level, a flow of opportunities – choices began to drop in out of the blue and into place, and clear choices became present and in focus.

January is the time of new activities, and new ideas – following these fresh inspirations that arrive out of the blue with curiosity and a desire to pursue them with excitement. It’s a time of letting go from last year – a lot of letting go of old ways, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that just don’t serve us at all. There’s a hint to pre-pave the way. See what you’re wanting to create, do and fulfill this year with ease, grace, and completion.

It's also about pioneering, leadership (personally and helping others), and exploration – exploring with courage and tenacity. Aligning with the authentic self, steering confidence around fear. It’s a time for making peace with what was and opening the heart despite the past.

February is a period of opening the lines of receptivity of the senses and intuition through meditative type activities that encourage the mind to quiet. Letting go of some relationships, meeting new people, taking care of important details such as finances, and unfinished tasks, and making peace with emotions and sensitivity. New contracts begin, and old ones come to an end. It’s a time for teaching and education, following curiosity wherever it goes, and being ‘receptive’ to new information. Out with the old and in with the new as spring approaches. Self-care is essential this month in all areas (mind, body, and spirit). What kind of therapy, support, or guidance is needed to help shift out of the old mindsets, narrowmindedness, and beliefs that are NOT helping to resolve relationships, situations, or feelings of stuckness?

The March air is full of energy and agitation to get out, to express yourself in all forms. Finding new options, meetups, social activities and quite literally coming out of hiding/hibernation. Communication in all forms, written, verbal, speaking up/out, working with the voice – socializing, networking, booking coffee dates or outdoor walks. Be spontaneous, take risks, and show up in ways you’d otherwise feel awkward doing. Confidence grows as you do. Smiling is free and so are hugs. Share your light, others are waiting for you to show up.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier messages, and videos online, we are going to experience many more people opening up to the richness of intuition, and the desire to walk a more spiritual path. We will understand universal principles more closely and how other external, and controlling rules are unnecessary - out of sync with the majority. We can know and learn to know what is right/good at any moment with a higher vibration/frequency for us.

The understanding of connection, consciousness dynamics, energy, and intuitiveness has been spreading like wildfire, becoming the norm or common sense to people around the world. This will begin to change our behavior, beliefs, and reality moving forward. Our sensitivity is heightened which can for some cause a feeling of overwhelm or stress resulting in higher demand in development programs for healers, mentors, teachers, and services that help support the training of individuals in the use of empathy, and connection via telepathy. Have you noticed the coincidences, or synchronistic series of events around a topic, a person, an event, a place, or a thing lately? In the past year?

Acceptance, Adaption, and Movement with the Waves – Or Rejection

As more and more people begin to adapt to the changes, stress levels decline because we are better able now to adjust our sails and move through challenges with more openness and enlightenment. I strongly suggest that when these waves appear, sometimes with an emotional charge to check in to see how we are taking or taking on the waves. Letting it pass through – physical movement, emotional resilience, and mental acceptance creates space for us to lean in. We are learning to work with the waves rather than ignore or challenge them. I too have felt the need to check in more regularly to see, feel, and understand what’s really going on and ask questions to see through to a resolution in some way either on my own or with help from others.

There are many people, however, who live more deeply rooted, fixed standards, or belief systems, and interpret them as a threat. Their experiences moving forward may be quite limited, living in a much more suppressed, fear-based reality, and or depression. Yes, there’s an opportunity to complete a 180 shift, however, many can’t see, feel, or know how to. For some who remain, whether it’s a specific experience of “stuckness” caused by a feeling of helplessness, overwhelm, old patterns, or ignorance… I understand that some choose knowingly or unknowingly to stay in a very limited soul experience here on earth currently.

How can you adjust and move through this year, or at the very least this time moving forward?

Let’s choose the word “GRACE” for this year. It will really help us move through this year with a more open heart despite the challenges. I know as I personally look back at all the challenges I’ve faced, I’m here, and I’m now helping others wherever I can. I now look at the past and those challenges with understanding. I did the best I could during each one of them. I recognize my meandering path with gratitude too. Maybe we should add that to the list of words for the year ahead. I’m grateful for “x” because if I hadn’t gone through all that stuff I would not have learned, understood, or shared what I learned, or my ability to move through it. It wasn’t perfect at all, but I’m here to share this message with you now.

I recommend that you learn how to steady, calm, or stabilize yourself within your home, work, etc. and accept others to do the same on their own (visa versa too). We can always offer support, share ideas, and assistance if offered the opportunity. Some may be receptive, others not so much. Try to ask for help, seek high and low, and don’t ever give up on yourself. Even when it’s not clear exactly what you need. Just ask. Be a seeker. Allowing curiosity to flow and the mind… let it wander.

I wish you much joy, love, and a positive outlook for this year.

With love, gratitude, and grace,



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