Elizabeth Hare


"Compassionate and only shares messages which are for our higher good. I have received confirmation that my parents are with me and hear me when I think about them, as well as specific messages about how to solve current health issues."

Joy Burns


"Christie is unbelievable. She’s very good at what she does speaking and communicating with loved ones from the other side... She has such a compassionate way when she communicates. She gives such good advice on grieving, taking care of yourself and meditation along with other things. I would not be as far along in my grieving process it wasn't for Christie."

Susan Richardson


"I had a reading from Christie ! I found that she was very good at going to the other side and being able to answer all my question. My son had passed away and I was so broken. But after talking with her I felt better She told me things that just blew me away about what my son had to say to me."

Sarah J Munn


I had a live group reading last night with Christie and let me tell you she was right on with everything she said. She is a very heartfelt sweet women and enjoy her live readings every week ❤ Thank you so much Christie.

Lorraine Mangi


"My dad had a certain way and tone about him which was evident in how he shared his messages through her, she referenced him talking about legs and feet aching. He suffered trouble with his legs before he passed...my younger brother, HE too had been having leg and feet pain for a few months and hadn’t told anyone!! 

Lynn Fraser

I have to say that Christie was the first every Psychic I have seen. I was almost overwhelmed with the whole thing. I was very happy for those who received messages as they needed them way more than I needed one at the time. The whole experience was amazing and I left with a lot on my mind. I thought of nothing else for the next few days after the event. Going over everything that took place. Would I see her again? Absolutely. She is so pleasant, soft spoken and a joy to watch what she does.

Psychic Medium Christie Flynn.