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Here's A Few Kind Words...

 Connecting with my mother... 

"I really can't thank you enough for the extended reading. For you to take the time to share additional insights about aspects of my mom's passing that had me feeling a lot of worry/stress, there are no words to accurately express my gratitude. I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off of my shoulders after our chat." 

Jen W

Connecting with my brother... 

"You confirmed many details... All I needed to hear were three specific words and you did that. I feel like a weight has lifted off me... I can breathe again."

Colleen B, Ontario

Connecting with best friend... January 2022

"You have no idea how our session helped heal my heart!! I feel blessed my friend's son came through to share his message for her. How you described his personality and their relationship was exactly how they were together."

Sophie S., N.B. 

Group Reading, November 2021


Thank you so much for sharing your passion and gift with us last night. We all had a great evening! Keep sharing your light, healing those who need the love and support that only you can give through your special connection to the spirit world!

Jennifer, Ontario

Small Group Reading, October 2021

"Everyone had a great time and was amazed at your talent. I appreciate you so much and taking the time to share many validating messages with the group."

Julie L. Ontario

"Christie is unlike any other medium. My husband had never spoken with a medium and had significant losses at a young age...his mother. She has a way with words that brought him comfort and healing he needed for so long. She shared insights and how his mother connects with him... She knew THEIR song. And just as we were finishing the reading his mother's favorite song played through the radio... An incredible session."

Anna and Jack, U.S.A.

November 2023 - Mediumship

"I can't thank you enough for the session today. My heart feels fuller and lighter at the same time. You have amazed me."


S. Kane

December 2021

"Each time we speak I have the benefit of learning much more about my life and forward direction. Thank you for answering my questions, and reaffirming messages that have validated what I know and understand already. Thank you for your professionalism, highlighting blind spots, and attention to detail."

Ron, Ontario

I had to share!! I met my daughter for dinner tonight and she reminded me today was July 14th. The day I had the reading...Take a look at the address of the church. 

CHRISTY WAY! the name is not spelled exactly like yours, but for me it is a validation that it was not a coincidence that you and I connected today of all days. I have been seeking and someone with abilities for the last 2 years...but, I was waiting until it felt right. 

Deb Infantine, Florida, USA.

"My experience with Christie was absolutely amazing. She was so on point and she shared her knowledge on how I can live my life more comfortably and at peace moving forward. The biggest shocker was having my deceased grandfather come through to give me messages that I so desperately needed to hear to emotionally heal and move on. I left the session feeling a huge sense of relief, I felt happier and at ease..."

Yanthe Emmanuel, Ontario Canada


Scarily accurate. Christie connected with a friend who had recently passed, and some of the details she shared were unknown to me until I spoke with her family. Christie identified future events, and things I couldn’t have possibly known, and I left the session feeling a peace and healing that I didn’t think was possible. Authentic.

Ann Maika-Chartrand

Mediumship Reading June 2022

"Went in skeptical came out believing. Had a wonderful reading so accurate. I feel a weight has been lifted from me and put me at peace that my husband is ok and still around me. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Christie"

Anna Picanco, Ontario

Connecting to my wife... January 2021

"Thank  you Christie for the experience. You were spot on with so many details about my interesting. It helped me immensely and very grateful." 

Jim Gamo, Ottawa, Ontario

"You detailed how my Dad dressed, how he passed, his personality. About my dad's car and the dice... no one would know that detail. It's only me and my wife that would know. I was skeptical at first but there's no way."

Steve S. NB.

"Christie is an amazing person with a legitimate gift. I am truly thankful for you giving me peace of mind and helping me understand things further. She is thoughtful and takes her time interpreting messages from the other side. And her psychic abilities are extremely accurate."

Moe, Ottawa, Canada

"I went online just out of curiosity after my cousin's dog went missing in Fredericton NB (Olive the pug) and she was found with Christie's very accurate help. After that I found myself going on to a group of hers and she just blew me away with information that no one could have known and I needed to hear as a message from someone passed on."

Susan Chapman

Intuitive and Psychic Development Program - Fall 2020

"Working with Christie is amazing! Whether it is through an individual session or group program/course, she guides with confidence, shares her knowledge and insights with compassion and truth and allows her sense of humor to shine through. Christie is approachable, respectful, by putting people at ease. She encourages growth in self-understanding and honor's each persons' own unique inner wisdom and experience."

Theresa Whyte, Vancouver, B.C.

Private Reiki Session

"Christie is an amazing Reiki Practitioner. After every session I feel lighter and more at peace. My son who's 12 loves the sessions too. It helps with his anxiety. My kids are always begging me to bring them to a session." 

Nadine, Ottawa

"There were many parts to our reading that were bang on... my son coming through to share that I love red roses and leave them at his grave site. And many other things. Loved our session." 

Nicky Pattinson, U.K.

Two-Person Reading 

"When you connected to my mom, her personality, the fine details, even how she danced... the details about the ring I wear around my neck that was hidden under my shirt... how she passed... now we have peace of mind. Thank you.

Kelly, Quebec, Canada

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