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Upcoming Events

  • June Holy Fire Circle
    Wed, Jun 07
    Zoom Video and Audio
    Wednesday evenings Christie shares an inspired guided meditation infused with remote healing energy. Reiki is always shared through loving intent, to those in need. Many have reported a variety of experiences during these healing sessions including a deep state of rest.
  • Level Two | Psychic and Mediumship Development
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Sep 21
    Zoom Online Class
    This class builds on the Level 1 or Fundamentals class. This intermediate level includes 6 classes to help bring your intuitive senses and mediumship development to the next level. Online + Interactive. $250, plus HST.
  •  Fundamentals of Development with Christie Flynn  2024
    Thu, Jan 04
    Online Event, Zoom
    This is now a six-week introduction to the fundamentals of the development of your personal intuition and psychic senses.
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