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  • "I was so lucky to have a reading done with Christie Flynn. My mom passed away 16 years ago, and it was so awesome to have her come through Christie. She told me things that mom wanted me to know, and do. I enjoyed every minute of our reading. Marilyn Landry, N.B., 2018  
  • "Christie is compassionate and only shares messages which are for our higher good. I have received confirmation that my parents are with me and hear me when I think about them, as well as specific messages about how to solve current health issues. I highly recommend Christie for both readings and emotion code healing." Elizabeth Hare, Ottawa Canada, 2018
  • "I have met Christie Flynn through a live Facebook presentation and have joined all her live sessions every Thursday night. I lost my daughter Maggie at 25 years old on April 2, 2018 she left a little four-year-old daughter behind. I was struggling wondering why, where she was and just every day questions about things and death. I tuned into want to Christie friends live messages and just her calm, reassuring, and empathetic voice and the kind words she offered to everybody in group messages made me want to hear more from her. She has connected with Maggie on several occasions and Maggie has sent messages through Christie to me and the rest of the family. Christie is unbelievable. She’s very good at what she does speaking and communicating with loved ones from the other side. Not only that but she has such a compassionate way with her when she communicates with her audience. I admit I was sceptical at first about how this worked but Christie is so good at what she does and I have slowly started to move on and accept things and learn how to cope better both physically and mentally thanks to Christie. She gives such good advice on grieving, taking care of yourself and meditation along with other things. Because of Christie I’m a better person today I’ve learned to except more things in my life, I’ve learned to take better care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually because of her and I find I’m just and all around better person because of my meeting Christie. She is an awesome lady inside and out. I know I would not be as far as I am today in my grieving process and taking care of myself if it was not for her giving me the push and guiding me along" - Joy Burns, Fredericton N.B., October 2018 [bookly-form]
  • "Christie was so spot on about everything she has told me. I enjoy listening to others hear their reading and hear the connection she makes with each and everyone." Tammy Cormier-Raynes, N.B.
  • Coaching Program: "Christie is absolutely amazing and helped me with many areas of my relationships... I now know how to navigate my life better, take care of my health, relationships and handle a busy family life."  Elana Cherry
  • Emotion Code: "You know what, my shoulders and neck don't hurt anymore. You're amazing." Jennifer McGraw, N.B.

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