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Christie's Story


For as long as I can remember, as far back to two or three years old I loved to be in the outdoors, in nature, on my own or with my brother, Shawn. Always playing and in a magical world or off on some adventure outside from early morning until the streetlights turned on. That was our signal to get home, that or our stomachs were empty. I thrived in the outdoors. It was and always will be my Zen place. Over the years I would explore meditation, transcendental meditation and many modalities of energy healing that would help guide my inner and outer expansiveness. In hindsight, the nature of the physical world and the realm beyond was something familiar to me. I knew it but didn’t understand it’s purpose until mother’s passing in 2003. I’d come to learn I was a hyper-sensitive, an empath. “I feel therefore I am” could be considered my motto. I can recall teachers and some family member's referring to my over-sensitivity as a weakness.  

The loss of my best friend and mother Shelley Flynn was incredibly difficult. I didn't have a lot of support in my grief except from my mom's family, my brother Shawn and sister, Jamie. I understand that it was also THE event/experience that 'opened' me up to another way of communicating with my mom, other loved ones and then my friend's loved ones. This language of communication began to show up more and more, including my Coaching business. It became quite obvious to me at one point that I was to take a giant leap of faith and help people in a different way, a healing of the heart. So, I said YES to this field with an open heart with a vision to make a difference in any way that I can. 

As a full-time Psychic Medium I have read for hundreds of people connecting them to loved ones (people and animals) that have crossed to the spirit realm, their guides (team of light) and more. I am also a Teacher/Mentor, Energy Healer, Speaker, and Author. Much of my work has centered around helping individuals as well as families through some of the most difficult experiences.


I have learned through my work that we are eternally connect through cords of light to the here and now, as well as the afterlife, spirit realm and beyond. I know that messages CAN bring peace of mind, lift the heaviest of hearts, and a level of extraordinary understanding of our true purpose on this earth. That purpose is a path with heart, love, compassion, and of service to others.


I invite you to embrace the lightness within your soul —and share your own beautiful light... YOUR gifts with the world.


To schedule a reading, please book HERE.


Disclaimer: Please note, readings in no way replace medical, legal, financial or counselling advice. While I believe in my services completely, the messages I receive are to help guide individuals and are to be used at the sole responsibility of the recipient. I must also state that under Canadian Law my services are for entertainment purposes only and are available only to those 18 years of age and older unless parental permission is given. 

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