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Christie's Story

Christie Flynn has always been sensitive and intuitive from a very young age. 


She began sharing insights with others after the tragic passing of her mother in 2003. Those readings were done through her wellness coaching business since 2012 but are now centered in her home studio in Ottawa.


As a full-time Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. She’s built her company, Christie Flynn Consulting Inc. into a very successful and busy resource for anyone who needs help.

The regular Facebook Live events are always packed and she recently underwent a packed sell-out tour to Central to Eastern Canada. 


Booked out with individual readings that gave proof of an afterlife to even the most resistant of minds! 


Her gift supports individuals and communities through the grieving process as do her personal experiences.


Leading a growing, warm, and vibrant online community, she reaches hundreds of people every month. Dealing with subjects such as abundance, relationships, and family as well as individual counseling.


Join hundreds of others and log into the weekly Tuning in updates on Facebook and you too can learn to navigate daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.


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Psychic Medium Christie Flynn.