Your Reading...

​How does a reading work?


As a Psychic Medium consider this... I am a conduit for messages shared from your team of spirit guides as well as mine. We connect together energetically for your highest good. And to help lift the burdens you're carrying... You don't need to carry THAT kind of weight. Know that it's okay to move forward. These sessions ARE incredibly healing. 


Also, a bit more detail to help you understand how a reading works. Psychic readings focus on your personal journey through life, as it pertains to your career, finances, relationships, health and more. I connect to your energy to share important information pertaining to your past, present and future.​ Mediumship provides evidence that your loved ones are closer than you THINK. We are all intuitive souls, as times we just need a little help. They...your team of spirit guides/energy want your to live your best life and be as successful as you can be. 


Note: Please have a pen and paper ready if you wish to take notes as my readings ARE NOT RECORDED.

If you feel we are a good fit, then I look forward to meeting you really soon!

Christie xo

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