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Hello and Welcome

I am honored and pleased to serve as a support or guide in any way I can. My education and training over the years has always been grounded in the service of others through professional coaching in business and the wellness industry for over twenty-five years.  

The loss of a loved one is never easy. Losses come in many forms. Grief is complex and deserves compassion and understanding.


As a medium, I facilitate communication and connection between the living and those that have crossed, people, animals, and guides. I see what they show me, I feel their emotions, and I hear their messages.

As an intuitive, psychic I am an ambassador to the soul to guide in all areas of life. I can sense past, present, and future information in support of this guidance to help clients. Clients come to me from all professions, backgrounds, and ages. 

I do this work one-on-one by video call (zoom), phone, and in-person with small and larger groups, and on social media live stream from time to time. I do travel for larger groups across Canada and other countries as well. 

I offer classes and mentorship throughout the year through the events page as well as intuitive energy healing as a group and for individuals online and by phone. 

Much love, 



Via Phone: Mediumship/Psychic 

Scarily accurate. Christie connected with a friend who had recently passed, and some of the detail she shared was unknown to me until I spoke with her family. Christie identified future events, and things I couldn’t have possibly known, and I left the session feeling peace and healing that I didn’t think was possible. Absolutely authentic.

~ Ann Maika-Chartrand, Ontario

(In-person) Mediumship/Psychic 

Thank you, Christie, you were amazing and really brought a lot of closure to my life. I’m in such an amazing place right now and I know I’m on the right path in life. It was a blessing meeting you. I can’t thank you enough. (October 2022)

~ Michael S., Ontario

Via Zoom: November 2022

I can't thank you enough for the session. You were so accurate... and my heart feels fuller and lighter at the same time.

It just hit me who the gentleman that came through first was. He also used a walker and was hunched over when he walked as you mentioned.

You have amazed me...  (Mediumship)

~Sophie, Ontario

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The  Short  Story...

I was born in the small town of Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. I moved often as a young child as my father was employed by the R.C.M.P. My mother, a registered nurse and doting mother. We finally settled in Ottawa in 1980 where I continue to live. I have a very loving and supportive family whom I love and adore. I have two boys, Jacob 24 and Jackson 21. I'm very grateful to my partner, Jonathan who completely supports me in this career, and keeps me grounded.

I began sharing insights with others not too long after the passing of my mother in 2003. Those readings were shared through my professional wellness coaching business for many years but then I transitioned to Mediumship full-time supporting hundreds of clients over the years.

As a Medium, I connect energetically to people and animals that have crossed to Spirit. As a Psychic I blend with a person's soul energy to provide information about the past and present. 

Additionally I offer classes and mentorship to clients that want to further develop their intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities. I'm a Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, and Author. Much of my work has centered around helping individuals as well as families through some of the most difficult experiences and challenges of their lives.


I have learned through my work that we are eternally connected through cords of light to the here and now, as well as the afterlife. The messages can bring peace of mind, life the heaviest of hearts, and bring extraordinary understanding of our true purpose on this earth... to learn compassion, understanding, to lean in, and hold love when it's truly difficult.


This work has shifted over recent years, extending past readings to share what I know and have learned to others through mentorship and teachings.


I invite you to embrace the lightness within your soul —and share your own beautiful light. The world needs it more than ever.


You ARE important.

What to expect during a reading or General Questions. 


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