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Summer Beginner and Intermediate Mentorship 2021 is open now for registration.

Group and One-to-One Mentorship

I only offer this unique program once, sometimes twice, a year. We’ll work together side by side to help you expand your skills and learn how to use your current intuitive insights to get more accurate information, trust what you’re receiving, and take your work to the next level. This program is personalized to you; we’ll begin with a private Zoom meeting to go over your past experience and goals. The group and individual mentorship begins June 2021! 

You can register through the booking page under readings or email to christie@christieflynn.com

Much has happened in the last year... I'm here to help and support in anyway that I can. I have noticed that my clientele has greatly expanded in this time. I do see that many people of all ages, levels of spirituality, and backgrounds. Many are reaching out for all services that are offered from new classes, events, and group readings.

My work has expanded to individual and group mentorship, NEW classes, grief support, private coaching (20+ years of experience and training, writing, and guided meditations (a new resource coming soon!). 

Love and light to you,



My Name is Christie-Leigh Flynn...

I am a friend, a mother of two boys, a teacher—and a psychic medium.


I have always been sensitive and intuitive from a very young age.

I began began sharing insights with others not too long after the passing of my mother in 2003. Those readings were done through my wellness coaching business for many years but are now centered in my home studio in Ottawa.

As a full-time Psychic Medium I have read for hundreds of people connecting them to loved ones that have crossed over to the Other Side. I am also a Teacher/Mentor, Energy Healer, Speaker, and Author. Much of my work has centered around helping individuals as well as families through some of the most difficult experiences.


I have learned through my work that we are eternally connect through cords of light to the here and now, as well as the afterlife. The messages can bring peace of mind, life the heaviest of hearts, and bring extraordinary understanding of our true purpose on this earth. That purpose is about connection, love, gratitude, and forgiveness. 

Which brings me to the opportunity to pass on what I've learned through speaking at events and teaching.


I invite you to embrace the lightness within your soul —and share your own beautiful light... gifts with the world.


To schedule a reading, please book HERE.

Contact Christie for group readings, private mentorship, or speaking here. To book a service, please select the "Book Christie" button above to see her current schedule and services. 
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