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Hello and welcome,

It's an honor and pleasure to be here and support you in any way that I can. To clarify the difference between a Mediumship or Psychic reading, here's the difference.
Mediumship means that I connect to loved ones that have passed on to Spirit including animals. A Psychic reading is a soul conversation where I connect with YOU, your soul sharing information about your life, past, and present.

Loss of a loved one is never easy. There are many kinds of losses, and grief can be complicated and messy. I know and understand the difference a conversation can make. There is a place for Mediumship and I know because clients of all ages, backgrounds, across many countries reach out. Whether it's for the connection, conversation, reassurance and peace of mind can't be found or felt elsewhere.


There's also an interesting shift that is taking place as people reach out to learn and understand how to connect to the spirit world. If you're grieving a recent loss and you can't 'feel' your loved one, please don't 'think' that there's something wrong with you. They are touching your life in a meaningful way. Never gone. Your bond of love is always going to be that eternal link that will never be broken.

I know that my sensitivity since a young child, the many losses, years of employment focused on helping people, as well as continued training and education. I have trusted and know that my life has steered me into the direction of this field... my passion. My way of helping, supporting, leading, and comforting.

Be safe and take good care.



My Name is Christie-Leigh Flynn...

I was born in the small town of Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. I moved often as a young child as my father was employed by the R.C.M.P. My mother, a registered nurse and doting mother. We finally settled in Ottawa in 1980 where I continue to live. I have a very loving and supportive family whom I love and adore. I have two boys, Jacob 24 and Jackson 21. I'm grateful to have met my boyfriend, Jonathan over five years ago, originally from Newfoundland. He keeps me grounded with his stories which of course keeps life light, full of love and laughter. 

I began began sharing insights with others not too long after the passing of my mother in 2003. Those readings were shared through my professional wellness coaching business for many years but then I transitioned to Mediumship full-time supporting hundreds of clients over the years.

As a Medium, I connect energetically to people and animals that have crossed to Spirit. As a Psychic I blend with a person's soul energy to provide information about the past and present. 

Additionally I offer classes and mentorship to clients that want to further develop their intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities. I'm a Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, and Author. Much of my work has centered around helping individuals as well as families through some of the most difficult experiences and challenges, especially the loss of a loved one. 


I have learned through my work that we are eternally connect through cords of light to the here and now, as well as the afterlife. The messages can bring peace of mind, life the heaviest of hearts, and bring extraordinary understanding of our true purpose on this earth. That purpose is about connection, love, gratitude, and forgiveness. 

Which brings me to the opportunity to pass on what I've learned through readings, mentorship, classes, speaking at events in-person and social media.


I invite you to embrace the lightness within your soul —and share your own beautiful light. You ARE important.


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