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Hello and Welcome

I am honored and pleased to serve as a support or guide in any way I can. My education and training over the years have always been grounded in the service of others through professional coaching in business and the wellness industry for over twenty-five years.

The loss of a loved one is never easy. Losses come in many forms. Grief can be a complex experience and deserves the time, attention, and compassion for healing.

As a medium, I facilitate communication and connection between the living and those that have crossed, people, and animals. I attune to each experience through a silent language using my sense of feeling, vision, knowing, and scents from time to time. 

As an intuitive, psychic I am an ambassador to the soul to guide in all areas of life. I can sense past, present, and future information in support of this guidance to help clients. Clients come to me from all professions, cultural backgrounds, and ages.

I do this work one-on-one by video call (zoom), in person, via phone call with individuals as well as for small and larger groups, and on social media live stream from time to time. I do travel for larger groups across Canada and other countries upon request.

I offer classes and mentorship throughout the year virtually and explore the subjects of intuitive, psychic and mediumship development, meditation, and others that I feel are needed.

Love and light,



In Person: Mediumship/Psychic 

It was a humbling and healing experience to hear their messages and reminisce about joyful memories. Christie holds a space where one can open their heart and explore the many secret treasures of the universe. I’m happy I took this opportunity and highly recommend it to anyone with an open mind.

February 2024

~ Shandi G., Quebec

Via Zoom Specialty Reading

Thank you so much for allowing us such a beautiful safe space in your home.  Connection to our loved ones and guidance on life matters....My sisters and I appreciated your time and your gentle kindness.  

Again, thank you for a wonderful experience...

March 2024

~ Shelby W., New York, N.Y.

Phone: Animal Communication

Thank you Christie for your kindness and compassion. For the first time in a long time, I feel a sense of relief and peace. I really appreciate all your support and guidance.  

March 2024

~Emily E, New Brunswick

Reiki Meditation with Christie Flynn


The Healing Garden Mediation jpg


Gift Certificate with Christie Flynn


Meet Christie

Christie Flynn, BA Economics, Health, and Wellness Coach (24 years), and Certified Reiki Practitioner (16 years). She was born in a small town of Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. She was raised in a family that appreciates healthy living, through nutrition, exercise, and the importance of embracing nature wherever possible. Her mother worked as a nurse for may years until she switched to Geriatrics. Yet, during the lead-up to the discovery of her mother’s illness diagnosis, her abilities rose to another level so much so that she decided to take her mother to the hospital as she felt something was very wrong. It was on that day that she discovered what she had been feeling was true and very real. Her mother passed within a very short period.

Christie’s abilities continued to grow and develop as she honed her skills as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and mediumship communicator. (To see, hear, feel, and know information)

As a Medium, she consciously connects energetically to people and animals in Spirit, as well as spirit guides, and the collective consciousness (Universal Oneness). As a Psychic, she blends with a person's soul energy (higher self) and collective consciousness to provide information for guidance, past, present, and future. Christie can feel energetic frequencies of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies to access information.


​Christie’s private practice, grew by word of mouth from touring across New Brunswick, and then to her hometown of Ottawa. Her clientele now includes thousands of clients from across the world with a broad range of clientele of all ages, backgrounds, and fields of expertise. She sees clients in person, via Zoom and phone.

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