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Are Synchronicities Important?

Do you get the feeling that something or someone is creating connections for you?

The universe is always communicating with you - whether it be in the form of angels, guides, loved ones in spirit, or with amazing signs and synchronicities.

THIS IS VERY REAL – it happens more often than you THINK. Actually, it happens DAILY…

It’s knowing something ahead of time. It’s connecting with someone that will help you on your path.

Ya… you’ll doubt these experiences. You’ll downplay them as “WEIRD” or “ODD.” That’s very typical.


There ARE helpers on the Other-side that are really quite close to you, and they ARE guiding you – Yes, even if you don’t believe it’s possible.

But, if you were to flash back to your earlier childhood before societal impressions and people around you, were telling you what’s “right” or “wrong.” This would actually feel more normal than anything else.

Why would you doubt it?

So, the next time you have an experience and want to share it with someone, send me a quick message.

I encourage it because often those experiences are there to GUARD YOUR SAFETY too.

That’s why I always wonder why this STUFF is (the woo woo) often downplayed but when it comes to having a feeling that’s something’s “OFF or incredibly UNSAFE”, it’s okay for that ‘knowing’ to be more normalized, and okay.

Keep me posted if you have an experience. Share the unfolding and what you've learned.

This IS important.

Much LOVE,

Christie xo


Here's a video where I share July's energetic outlook for the next month. I'll be adding one each month.

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