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The Ethics & Proper Context

for Information Received Via

Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumship Consultations


Christie Flynn, Christie Flynn Consulting Inc.

Christie Flynn’s Intuitive Consulting sessions are meant to assist you in making a reliable connection to your inner wisdom and in developing your intuitive capacity. Sessions can provide meaningful insights into your talents, paths of self-expression, the process of personal development, and ways of achieving greater success and contentment in life. Any information shared during these sessions is to aid you in better understanding how spiritual, emotional, and psychological factors may influence your behavior and the choices you make, so you can become a more loving, balanced, whole, and happy person.

It should be remembered that the perceptions shared are filtered through another human being’s reality constructs and are always to be considered and made sense of considering your worldview. Even the most accurate, wisest, emotionally mature counselor may give you insights that are not appropriate, and only you can determine that. In addition, since we are all evolving continually, a session is like a snapshot of today's most probable optimal reality. You will weave in many more factors and choices as you go along, so that the next snapshot of your reality may look somewhat different. In many cases, you'll find that the information shared will make sense several months (or even several years) later.

You may stall a process of change, sometimes from fear and sometimes for very good reasons. Where appropriate, Christie may recommend other practitioners or professionals who can supply information she does not specialize in. Penney does not diagnose or prescribe for disease or psychiatric conditions.

An Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumship Consultation should not be a substitute for medical or psychiatric care but can work in concert with a medical diagnosis to help heal underlying factors influencing health. Nothing said, printed, or produced by Christie Flynn Consulting Inc. is intended to take the place of other life advisors (medical, psychological, religious, financial, legal, etc.), but should be used in conjunction with a well-rounded program of self-care. Should you decide to use any ideas, tools, procedures, exercises, or other suggestions made by Christie (Christie Flynn Consulting Inc.), you do so at your discretion, and where necessary, under the supervision of competent professionals.

Thank you.

January 1, 2024

Ethical Guidelines for Practitioners of Animal Communication and Animal Energy Work

These are the practitioner guidelines that Christie follows and teaches in her courses that she commits to abide by:



Conversations or energy work with an animal who is not in your animal family need to be initiated by request/invitation of the animal’s person. In most cases, this will be the human partner/guardian (“owner”); in all cases, it is the human who has the care and custody of the animal–the person who is responsible for the animal’s care and wellbeing.

Permission should be clear and specific and needs to be requested in each instance of communication or energy work, even if it’s with the same animal, unless there is a clear agreement otherwise.

Permission is needed even in (and often especially in) informal situations, relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and fellow students, practitioners, or colleagues.

Some possible exceptions:

a brief, casual greeting (similar to greeting a stranger or acquaintance on the street) e.g., “Hi! Nice to see you! What a beautiful day for a walk!”

an emergency (for example, finding a stray animal on the side of the road who is lost or needs medical attention, and limiting communication to the specifics of the emergency situation.)

providing compassionate, loving witnessing to an animal’s situation (be careful to not interject your own emotions and judgments, however.)



This includes:

keeping client information, including names, contact information, online information, etc., private

respecting the privacy and confidentiality of any information shared in a consultation by both the person and the animal

if sharing as a part of a class, mentoring session, or teaching situation, always gain the client's permission to share a specific story and change any identifying information of both the client and the animal.

Be particularly aware of the potential for confidentiality and privacy issues to arise in casual conversations, personal and family relationships, and teaching/coaching/class situations.


Be aware of your judgments, beliefs, experiences, preferences, and agendas, and do not ever impose them on a client. We all have preferences and beliefs. It’s imperative to separate these from our work with clients.

You may offer suggestions based on your training and experience and use language that is open-ended and allows the client to make her own decision. Be aware that people will often look to you as an authority, and that what you suggest and how you suggest it will carry a lot of weight.

Respect people’s choices regarding the care and treatment of their animal friends, even if they differ from your own.

As practitioners, our responsibility is to both our animal clients and their human companions. Our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards of integrity, and maintaining an attitude of non-judgment, open-heartedness, and compassion for ourselves and others will create a safe and sacred container for authentic communication and healing.

Integrity and Honesty

Translate as clearly and honestly as possible between the animal and the person. Don’t alter what you get from the animal to please the person; however, you may be guided to use language in translating what the animal is giving you in a way that the person can most clearly hear and understand.

Be clear and honest about your practice, your boundaries, and your training. Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent what you do. Be clear, honest, and straightforward in all areas of your practice, including your promotional and business materials.

Be honest about your strengths as well as your limitations.

Be clear about WHAT you are getting, and HOW you are getting it. Differentiate between what is coming directly from the animal, your interpretation of what you are getting from the animal, and your experience/expertise/awareness.

Scope of Practice:

Be honest about your training, modalities, and what you do and don’t do. Refer to other professionals as appropriate.

Unless you are a trained veterinarian or physician, do not ever diagnose or recommend treatment, or recommend that a client change a treatment that has been prescribed by a licensed medical professional.

Even when a client asks you to.

Even when you feel sure that you know what is going on.

Even when you are working with a colleague or other professional.

If you are trained in several modalities (for example, animal communication, Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy, animal nutrition, etc.), be clear about which modality you are using in any instance. If you are suggesting based on your training, be sure that you are clear about what is coming from your training and experience, what is coming from the animal, and what your biases and preferences are.

Be very cognizant of potential conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest if you bridge modalities or recommend other products/services that you offer.

Boundaries, Communication, and Professional Practice:

It is always YOUR job and responsibility as a practitioner to set and maintain your personal and professional boundaries, and NEVER the responsibility of your clients.

It’s an act of personal and professional integrity to refrain from working with people who are unable or unwilling to respect your boundaries.

Be very clear in your communication about the services you offer, fees or energy exchange involved, and your time commitment, availability, etc.

Clear communication is an art form that can be learned and practiced. Strive for clear, honest communication in all your professional contacts.

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