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I am honored and humbled to have a high volume of clients and while I wish I could read for everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few readings per day. This is in order to honor my process and give each reading my full attention and energy. 


Readings are available by zoom video, by phone call or in person (subject to change due to health requirements).  Please be assured that video or phones readings will provide the same result as in person readings. 

What to expect: Life Readings or Soulful readings are approximately 60 minutes long. These intuitive readings can cover past, present, and future events and very guided by Spirit, your guides, and at times loved ones. I will share  details as they emerge, useful information, and empowering soul-centered solutions to implement into your life during our time together. During a reading, I often pick up on themes connected to life path/purpose, relationships, friendships, career, area of finances, physical body health (which will always be delivered in a positive light towards change). I do draw from years of wellness expertise as it relates to health. 

As a Medium, I connect to loved ones who have crossed to the other side, readings are also approximately 60 minutes or a little more. These readings can include loved ones connected to you known and unknown. I will share as many details to confirm who the person is for you and pets as well. 

Specialty Readings can include a combination of both Mediumship and Psychic reading. 


Please have a pen and paper ready if you wish to take notes as my readings ARE NOT RECORDED. Thank you.

Please note: My readings in no way replace medical, legal, financial or counselling advice. While I believe in my services completely, the messages I receive are to help guide individuals and are to be used at the sole responsibility of the recipient. I must also state that under Canadian Law my services are for entertainment purposes only and are available only to those 18 years of age and older unless parental permission is given.

Christie xo

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