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7 Signs A Guardian Angel or Angels Are Around You

Updated: May 26, 2020

Guardian angels are real… And today, I’m going to share with you seven signs your guardian angel is with you and watching over you!

So yes, you absolutely without a doubt have a guardian angel.

Every human being who incarnates onto this planet has a being from the angelic hierarchy who steps forward to guide protect, assist and support you in your life… That being from the angelic realm who steps forward is your guardian angel.

They know everything about you, and they’ve been with you your entire life! They know your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and biggest failures. They know where you’re acting in alignment with your highest truth, and where you’ve gotten off course… And despite knowing everything about you – they still love and support you unconditionally!

Some areas your guardian angel supports you include: Protecting you, holding your highest divine blueprint for what is possible for your life as a spiritual being incarnate in the physical, guiding you in the direction of your highest calling and authenticity, and creating synchronicities, coincidences and opportunities in your life to help keep you in alignment with your highest course.

So now that we got that cleared up… Here are the seven signs your guardian angel is absolutely with you and supporting you.

7 Signs From Your Guardian Angel

1. Feeling Warmth and Peace In Your Heart and I Am Core

The first sign of your guardian angel is that you begin to feel a warmth and light and peace in your heart and in the central core of your being. The reason that this is a sign of angels is kind of twofold.

First, it’s because this warmth and light is a clear indication that your guardian angel is with you. And secondly, as you open in awaken your heart center, your heart naturally begins to glow with more warmth and light. As you awaken your heart center and as you awaken your divine I Am Core, and the truth and brilliance of light within you, that empowers your direct connection with the Divine. This is what also opens your subtle psychic senses so that you can perceive your guardian angel.

So the feeling of warmth in your heart and in your core is a direct sign of your guardian angel. But it’s also a sign that you’re opening more to perceive and receive the guidance, insight and support of your guardian angel that’s available to you.

2. Warmth and Golden Light Around You

The second sign of your guardian angel is a feeling of warmth, light, and protection that’s all around you. So this may unfold through your simply getting the sense that you’re protected and you’re supported. Or you may actually begin to feel the warm gentle light of the angels that’s around you.

You might feel a warm light surrounding you like a blanket, or maybe a soft sense of light pressing on your shoulder in times when you need comfort. Or, this feeling could come in the form of a tingling sensation that washes over you when you invite your guardian angel in. However, this feeling that your guardian angel is with you unfolds for you… The feeling of warmth, of light, and of protection is absolutely a sign that they very much are.

3. Seeing Sparkles or, Shadows, or Flashes of Light

Our third sign is actually beginning to see light around you. This could happen with your eyes open where you start seeing sparkles of light or flashes of light, often through your prereferral vision, which is where the veil between dimensions breaks… And so through your peripheral vision, you’re able to see through the dimensions, to see the sparkles or flashes or colors of light that signify the presence of angels around you.

Also, when you close your eyes during meditation, and you’re focusing within and looking up, you may see a golden light.

Golden light is especially connected to the realm of angels and to your guardian angel. So if you’re seeing golden light or sparkles of light, and feeling like “did I really just see that? Did that really happen?”

Know that yes, this is a sign of your guardian angel.

4. You Start To Receive Strong Intuitive Nudges, Hints, and Whispers

The fourth sign that your guardian angel is very much with you, watching over you, and actually connecting with you, is that you begin to receive strong, intuitive nudges guiding you in your life.

When these nudges inspire you to create positive changes in your experience, to comfort you in times of challenge, and to encourage you to step up and go for it in terms of manifesting your dreams and goals by taking action to improve your life situation… You can literally take this as a sign that your guardian angel is supporting you.

Know that until you open your senses of subtle psychic perception, your guardian angel will connect with you in a way that’s very subtle and that you often will mistake as your own internal voice. Your angels reach out to you through your subconscious mind when your conscious mind is not open to a direct connection.

So when intuition arises with you, and it’s supportive, and it’s helpful, and it’s empowering, that is the sign that your guardian angel is with you.

5. Enhanced Senses of Perception

The fifth sign of your guardian angels’ presence is that your senses become heightened when they’re connecting with you. At the moment when your guardian angel is reaching out to you with guidance, you may suddenly be much more aware of your surroundings. When your guardian angel touches you with love and comfort and blessings, it has an effect of helping you to become more present more aware. So you may become acutely more aware of your five physical senses…

Observing the feeling of the temperature around you, the taste in your mouth, the smell in the air, your visual observation is on point and you’re hearing becomes more acute. Go with this, relax, but pay attention to all your senses.

Let yourself become fully aware in that moment, and know that with present moment awareness, when you’re observing your surroundings without judgment and without engaging with the spiral of the ego monkey mind you’re able to simply be aware, to observe.

And through this, to receive more of the intuitive nudges, more of the direct guidance and meaningful insight from your angels that is available.

With love,


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1 Comment

Bonney Jean Parker
Bonney Jean Parker
Jun 09, 2020

Thank- you Christie this was so beautiful!

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