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Transforming Your Perception: The Key to Achieving A Magical 2024

Woman holding glass ball with mountains
Woman Holding Glass Ball

How can you transform your perception?

One of the key elements to creating an impactful year in a good way will be completely connected to how you perceive yourself in your world. It will be how you address anything new or challenging.

Perceptions are created from logical thinking, rules societies live by, and what others have told us – especially when we are young. Although we may believe we're being objective, we all have unconscious biases that can affect decision-making - even if we're unaware of them ourselves.

So, one of the key points I'd like to share with you is one I've been using for myself. It arrived during one of my moments of meditation last week during my weekly meetings with my team of spirit guides. It has been highly impactful and it has helped me reframe my position in different scenarios professionally and in my personal life too.

How we perceive or experience the world is both physical and non-physical. It is a lens that we apply to all things, including major decisions. First, stop identifying with the experience by removing the emotional charge as much as possible. You can do this by rising above the experience and watching it as if from above. You can then change your perception by identifying your negative underlying beliefs and feeling how you would feel if your beliefs were positive. It's working from a place that is linked to your highest good which comes from a place that is at a higher vibration than, I can't because I'm too old, or insert a belief that holds you blocked from an experience that is truly more fulfilling than doing nothing at all.

Reframe the experience or situation towards an outcome that is positive. See possibility rather than a non-possibility. For example, reframe the situation or experience with "How can I ________? Keep asking this question as if you hold the answer and it is completed. Again, this is for your highest good, with love, and light. Rather than see the worst outcome, imagine the best outcome.

Shifting your perception about everything will allow your life to become magical!

Your perception is a point of view that holds a positive effect on life rather than one that limits growth, development, and ever-expanding potential. Ask yourself, how can I look at x, y, z differently? See possibility and potential in others rather than judgment. When you feel blocked or stuck, reapproach the situation or experience without emotional attachment. Frustration blocks the view. Anger blocks understanding. Shift your perception to a higher vibration or feeling. That's why I always tell my clients to go out for a walk to get a fresh perspective. Movement cultivates answers. Whatever you can do to shift your view, or perception to a higher level of openness, such as compassion, courage, or even forgiveness will elevate your ability to access opportunity.

Be willing to change your beliefs. It's a game-changer this year.

"By taking responsibility for the consequences of their perceptions, observers can transcend the role of victim to an understanding that nothing out there has the power over you." Dr. David Hawkins, Power Vs Force - The Map of Consciousness

What if there is no limit to what you could experience here on Earth? And what if you are ready to think outside of the box of proven perceptions and try new truths on for size to manifest amazing and delightful solutions?

This is exactly what it takes to create magic in 2024! You may have already shifted a few practical perceptions in some areas of your life. These areas are easy to spot because your friends or family members don’t understand why your unique solution works.

So, what in your life needs a rare and new perception? The answer to that question is easy! What area(s) of your life lacks fulfillment? Yup, that’s the one. The fragments of your life that are trying are just waiting for you to change your perception. When you alter your observations, energy will move in a new direction creating obvious opportunities. The new openings have one requirement: that you try them out! As you move into new areas of belief, you will feel inspired freedom letting you know you are on the right path.

A favorite exercise to assist you in developing a new perspective is to imagine that you are a rock floating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps begin this contemplation while meditating.

Expanding and Create Your New Perception Exercise

View of the Stars and Planets
View of the Solar System

As you engage in the possibility that you are a floating rock, let go of all human descriptors of who you are or how you perceive yourself. Detach from your name, any titles, the work you do in the world, all your relationships, home life, hobbies, and worldly possessions. Simply float, expand, and allow your awareness to open up to new possibilities as a rock.

I encourage you to take five to ten minutes to write out what happened without editing anything.

Allow your new perspective to anchor in and discovery more possibility than you can imagine.

Let me know if you enjoyed today's blog and share ONE area or belief you plan to shift in the next year.

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Happy New Year!

All my love,


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