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Can You Feel Me? I am With You.

If you have a loved one who has crossed over to the Other side you might be wondering where they are. Usually, when a human becomes curious to experience a loved one now living in another dimension (spiritual), their loved one is right next to them appreciating and loving them with ease. Many times, the departed or advanced soul is hoping that their human family member or friend will take time to stop listening to their never-ending thoughts and simply feel their presence, to hear their voice, and know they are with them.

Their presence or energy has changed. You may not immediately recognize an advanced soul. Especially if you haven’t learned how to quiet your mind or slow it down just enough to notice a subtle change in energy or knowing a loved one is close. Advanced souls, beings who no longer live on Earth, have had an incredible experience while leaving their bodies. As one’s energy gathers during the transitioning or dying process, the energy that was in a human body gains freedom. It begins to raise its vibration, rapidly gaining tremendous speed, energy, as well as closure regarding all its unfulfilled human experiences. Wisdom pours in their energetic presence as an incredible rate, free and at peace. So much love pours through them and around them. Any form of non-understanding about the world that once perplexed their human mind is wiped clean from the freed energy, creating a deeper knowing of why anything happens. An awareness that is simple and genius in nature where everything makes perfect and beautiful sense. Imagine that they are fulfilling their greatest passions, hobbies, in the most wonderful and joyous way.

When your loved one is near, their human anxieties, anger, and fear no longer endure. The essence of who they were, such as their character, personality, and passions endure.

When your loved one is near, their human anxieties, anger, and fear no longer endure. If you’re waiting to feel their insecurities as confirmation of who they are, you will be waiting a long time and potentially miss their energy standing right next to your body. They will not share these forgotten human perceptions that were based on misinformation. They share love, peace, and understanding. Yet, the positive moments of their human experiences will show up. Keep a lookout for those! For all advanced souls visit humanity to be of assistance. They themselves do not need your help, wealth, food, etc. They feel your love with ease and only desire to return the favor and know that you can feel them too.

I'd like to suggest an exercise that I often use when speaking with a loved one. Today, I'll share a few that I've recently used when I wanted to communicate with my mother, I'll ask her to send me a memory to my mind and thoughts of a favorite time together. It can appear as a quick pop-in of a picture or kind of like a streaming movie of many memories at one time. I'll then may ask her to come to me in a loving way, to feel her love and will feel a sense of peace in my chest and heart. Lastly, I may ask her to send me a song to my mind, one that was her favorite. She loved CCR. I remember her teaching me how to dance in our living room when we lived in Melfort, Saskatchewan. Then I slowly begin to hear the lyrics play out in my thoughts,

"Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy!

Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch

Imagination sets in, pretty soon I'm singin'

Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door."

As always, I'd feel her with me in all her wonderful essence, beaming with love. I'd then see her beautiful smile and a hear a soft chuckle all through the screen of my mind. From time to time she may visit in a different way such as finding a dime. I wrote another blog about that a few months back. I may smell her perfume while cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. She loved rose oil from The Body Shop. I always feel reassured in some wonderful way that her love truly transcends through time, space, and reality. That's love. Love is the eternal bond, whether it was a long relationship, a distant or short one.

If you'd like to connect with a particular loved one, friend, co-worker, or family member, use the idea I've shared above. They will use your memories to show you. And if anything I can suggest is this, TRUST that they are with you.

And love you very much.

Much love to you,


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