A Conversation Between Two Worlds

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing how synchronistic events unfolded in order to connect me with a grieving mother and her son that had passed a few short years ago.

You just have to be aware of your surroundings to pick up on the nuances, the signs, symbols nudges, and more.

Awareness precedes change.

It always fascinates me with the stories that clients share how they found me. Often, I HEAR and KNOW there’s an orchestration of people, events, and nudges along the way to make it happen.

Ah, synchronicity….

When I do remember to ask the question, “How did you find me?” The stories bring a smile to my heart as I sit back, take my work hat off, and listen to the story presented to me.

Some clients share it happened through word of mouth, others from the internet, either Google, Yelp, or a Facebook picture that flashes across their screen. Some as far as New Zealand, Ireland, and in this case, Florida. This specific story came to mind that I thought would be a great example of how a reading came together for Deb.

She had heard of me through a Facebook group from a friend that noticed my picture and decided to check out my profile. The words Psychic Medium and my picture jumped out at her and felt drawn to share my name with her friend… Deb.

Social media is pretty powerful in the ways it connects people. It was a really interesting series of events that occurred to create our meeting. In this reading, I was sharing a combination of Psychic and Mediumship insights. Psychic meaning all that had to do with her life, past, present, and future. Any blocks, barriers to the future, and how to be as successful as she can applying her gifts and advocating for herself in specific areas of life. There’s a whole checklist now that I’ve developed over time to which has been incredibly helpful for the process.

As for Mediumship – this is where the soul's spirit connects to me by revealing a strong energetic feeling to my right. I could feel Deb’s son’s energy fill up the room. His name is Aaron. He had passed away a few years prior. He shared with me how he had passed and much more.

Deb also wanted to know, what happens to a soul once it returns to the Spirit World? Where does the soul go?

If you could imagine a drop of water into a grand ocean of energy, that’s where the soul returns. It’s like a complicated tapestry of energy in the most loving way. Every time a soul shares details of how they live or what they’re doing on the other side. Often, I’ll see visual representations with more colors than you can imagine and experience it all at once.

Some that have had near-death experiences have described it as a connection to a matrix-like consciousness where everything is connected to the past present, and future. Where all time lives. And yes, souls find their family when they return to the Spirit World. It’s like picking up a telephone and they are there. All your family friends, and those from past lives too. For simplicities sake, I won’t describe the design of this world or past lives in this post. I’ll save that for another time.

During the session, she asked a common question I get asked, “Why did I feel him so strongly after he passed but not so much now?”

The best way to describe what happens is this…

In the early stages that a soul passes on to the Spirit World, many people have shared with me that they’ve felt a particular loved one close by. Spirits may try at great lengths to get our attention and at times we do miss their messages because they’re not always so obvious.

I have found that through conversations with clients that some souls grieve too and find it quite difficult to leave our world. With this in mind, and for this example some souls try to help us move forward with grief as well as their own. Initially, the energetic connection can be strong, and then over time, a soul does not always connect in the same way as it originally had.

Almost all those I have read for and who have lost a loved one want to have a visual sign, signal, or visit. But that’s not always possible for some reason as a soul evolves on the other side. The soul may use energy to connect through the phone, a car radio, a flicker of the lights, or even a light tapping on a window.

With Deb, her son Aaron came through vibrantly and with such incredible love. One of my favorite parts of making a connection is how the soul shares their description of themselves – personality (funny, quiet, smart, and spiritual), favorite hobbies, love of a particular music band, clothing style, a favorite animal, bird, flower, color, or car!

Connecting to a soul's energy...

I could feel Aaron's energetic vibration of energy. He stepped in with such a bright light, a passion for fishing, and love for his family… his momma. At times, the connection of the channeled message is so strong that I begin to feel the emotion of the soul and a deep love.

To describe this experience with a few words... It feels like my body, my heart… everything is filling up with more and more love. He shared some of the details of how he passed. In time I’ve been able to ask my guides and souls I connect with to only share certain details – the ones that are comfortable to me.

What I’ve come to realize after each experience is the incredible love that is expressed between the connecting soul, myself, and the person I’m reading for (most commonly called the sitter).

As the time nears the closing of a reading, I can feel a distance with the soul as it moves back to the place from which it came from. As Deb's son’s energy left, I could still feel the residual feeling of pure love as if to say until we meet again. By the end of the reading, I felt as if I had a new friend as well. Deb's energy exudes love and a heart-centeredness. We had a great connection and continue to email back and forth at times. She want's to