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Visitation Dreams - A Conversation With My Grandfather (Papa)

Today I'm sharing insight into the experience of dreaming with insight and an experience of a visit with my Papa.

Before I share my visitation experience, also known as an After-Life Communication (ALC), I’d like to share a bit of information and a closer look at the concept of dreaming.

Dreams continue to be a topic of discussion since the beginning of human history and more so since the pandemic hit in March of this year. Many of my recent readings for clients have been asking for insights into their nightmarish experiences to make sense of them as well as lucid dreaming. Of course, there's always more concern over the meaning of nightmares versus a more positive one.

There are hundreds if not thousands of books dedicated to the topic. Ancient Egyptians used to write down their dreams on papyrus. They were considered special messages from the Gods. Dreaming is a natural part of the sleep experience. Did you know that babies will dream more in the first few weeks of birth than any other time in their life?

The average adult dreams 20% of the time during sleep. You may recall some, or not at all. Finally, dreams have been studied for hundreds of years. There's no definitive evidence about what dreams mean and are subject to 'interpretation' depending upon the personal philosophies and life experience which can impact the analysis process. They can also represent a collection of thoughts, struggles, emotions, events, people, places, and symbols relevant to the dreamer. You can keep the interpretation simple rather than reading into ever piece of the experience you can remember. Is it a warning, guidance, a reassuring experience , or something/someone you need to let go?

Keeping a journal to note the experience and reflect is a great way to keep track and reflect on dreams, repeating ones too.

Are you dreaming more vividly?

Vivid dreaming has become more prominent in the last eight months due to isolation and more sleep/rest time. Vivid dreams can feel like nightmares or the most beautiful experience you've ever had. I often receive inquiries from individuals wanting me to read their dreams to help the significance. Additional views that reveal nightmares or difficult dreams are merely there to help prepare us for change and resilience during a difficult time.

Dream specialists recommend following healthy sleep routines by limiting alcohol, late eating, removing technology from the bedroom, and restricting coffee or any stimulant before bedtime. Your place for sleep should be clutter-free, a place for calming energy and peace.

What's in a nightmare? Are they worth analyzing?

There are varying views on the topic of nightmares and their conclusions. All dreams, good or bad, reflect an active imagination and, I'll say, a connection to your highest self. You can take two approaches, either a deep dive or taking a simplistic view. I recommend the latter because, depending on the individual analyzing the dream, they may have their life experiences and philosophies that can muddy the interpretation. Rather than focusing on what could be going awry, move towards the idea that what's ahead is simply a change for the best. Our society has conditioned us to focus our attention on a negative outcome rather than a positive one.

Did I have a lucid dream, or was it a visitation by a family member?

"Back to life" or "visitation" dreams are vivid and memorable dreams of those close to us that have passed on. They are a particularly potent form of what Carl Jung called "big dreams," the emotionally vibrant ones we remember for the rest of our lives.

"Big dreams" feel incredible. They lift your spirits and evoke a feeling of dream-like wonder. I often receive requests to analyze a dream, especially nightmares, for fear of what's ahead.

Through experience with these requests, some analysis, and channeling from Spirit, the belief that there is some truth to a nightmare can be overwhelming. Fears have a way of creeping into our thoughts that can take over, leading to a perpetual cycle of self-analysis, but this is what I know and understand to be true. We have free will to make decisions, act through any fear. Moving through fear helps to improve your overall emotional balance, build courage and confidence. Fear is part of you, the ego that tries to block you from a possible result that is unknown. It's a form of control to avoid emotional, mental, physical, or even spiritual injury. Fear is merely a block, a form of avoidance from truly experiencing life. Who would you be if you avoided everything you fear, and who would you be if you raised to that fear and moved through it? Once you get to the other side of fear, you'll laugh once you realize the situation or experience you thought would be difficult was, quite frankly, not that bad.

I also come to realize and KNOW, any challenges or blocks most people face will help to raise emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-management. You can choose a more helpful and positive viewpoint that challenges can become your most extraordinary life lessons. Life is your most significant project and lab experiment. Rise to those challenges with a resilient attitude.

I have had many dreams in my forty-nine years of life. I probably can remember a few very vividly. Today I'm sharing my very personal dream. It was vivid, clear as the day with messages and a lasting effect of peace wrapped up with love shared by a particular person that has passed to the Other side, beyond, or Divine paradise. To clarify my answer, yes, people experience visitations daily in many different ways.

The Visit - A Phone Conversation with My Papa

It's interesting how every aspect of my dream, as I recollect it feels like reality because of the detail and how I'm actively a part of it. I was walking, breathing, sensing, and knowing I was on the way to a former client's house. Her name is Amanda. I wasn't quite sure what was happening at home other than I was invited to a party she was having with many girlfriends. She had hired a psychic medium for the party, and she included me. I recall a long walk down the hallway to her bedroom, where the party seemed to be taking place. All the girlfriends were sprawled out over the room, either talking to each other, playing on their phones, or keen to see who I was as I entered the room. It felt like an old high school sleepover party from the 80s: frilly pink curtains and a bed covered in fancy pink bedding with way too many throw pillows. I could point out every aspect of the room, right down to the walls' tacky wallpaper and pictures. Everything was pink.

As I stepped through the doorway, Amanda was there to greet me with a cordless phone, reminiscent of the 80s, with a push-button keypad. She pressed down on the 'hold' button, waiting for me to take the phone from her hand. I accepted with wonder, who could be on the other end of the phone. As she handed me the phone, she said, "I have a surprise for you. It's your turn to receive a message, and I can't wait for you to hear who it is." I then heard a man's voice. It seemed muffled at first as he cleared his throat and then noticeably clear. His voice was crystal clear, and I knew who it was. It was my Papa… Tears streamed down my cheeks with complete surprise and joy. Oh, I was so excited to hear from him in this way. I remember the day he passed like it was yesterday. I was on a ski trip to Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. I had a feeling something was off with him. He had not been well. I recall waking up, turning on the bedside table light, and hearing a gentle whisper from him. He said, "I love you, and I'm always with you, Christie."

We were close as I was growing up. I used to visit my Papa over the summer holidays, and he'd teach me chess, checkers, and backgammon. He would often sit in the afternoons on his chair, listening to classical music. I would sit right next to him, inquiring about the kinds of music he liked. I loved dinner times too. He'd be the first to sit at the head of the table, and I'd rush to get the seat right next to him so I could listen to him recite poetry from P. B. Shelley. He continues to be a big supporter, as I often sense when I look for support from my Spirit team.

I often make reference to our Team of Light. They can be your family, ones you've never met, friends, co-workers, or Spirit Guides stepping in energetically to support you. Your spirit Team are the wings on your back walking right with you energetically or talking to you telepathically within your mind's eye.

Back to the visit...

I also noticed that time had slowed down, yet I was aware of everything doing on around me. My movements were slow, and the conversation felt like it was happening in real-time. I was completed connected to my awareness. I held the phone to my ear in disbelief and said, "Papa is that you? At first, a gargled voice came from the phone, and then a voice beamed through. Yes, honey, it's me, he replied." He cleared his throat and said, I'm proud of you. I just wanted you to know that. He seemed to be communicating which also felt like a completely different realm and wide awake. The conversation also felt as if he’d never left, as if I’d always known he was around me at a level that I would be overcome with emotion. You're doing great things, and you've worked hard, too; we ALL see your hard work. Remember to paint, don't forget what your new teacher told you. You have your self-work, your career, and the services you provide but remember how the artist in you feels to place paint on the canvas. It's an essential part of your human experience. I love you. We love you."

Knowing that I often connect with my grandma, Evelyn, I wanted to know if she were 'on the line' and requested if I could speak with her too? "Is she with you Papa? Not this time, Papa replied. For today, in this moment, it's my words you need to hear." I then handed the phone to Amanda. And she said it was your turn, your time to get a message.

I then slowly sat up with an incredible sense of peace, love, and reassurance by the message I had received.

A dream with a visit I know, and feel is one of the many ways our Team of light connects to us to let us know they aren't that far away. I know I've often discussed the other ways that loved one's trying to message. It’s important to understand that some of the messages that they are sharing can be right under your nose but oblivious. It isn’t until you start to set your awareness much like a flash light you turn on to look into a darkened pantry or closet that we can sense all that is there and beyond the human experience, and physical senses.

Think in terms of feeling their presence, smelling a scent of perfume your mother wore, or hearing a favorite nursery rhyme your father sang, maybe a flicker of a candle as a friend that’s crossed over leans into blow strategically on the flame; those too are varied ways in which they connect. It may be different each time too.

Set the intention to either see, hear, feel, smell, or know in some way. Don't always focus on seeing sense. Use your sense of imagination too. Seeing isn't believing. Sight is a physical sense. Think outside the box and what is possible. Unfortunately, movies and T.V. shows most often present the seeing viewpoint of a spirit/energy presence. So again, I’m impressing upon you to use your sense of imagination. I love the movie with Mathew McConaughey called Interstellar. It’s a long movie but a great reference point for this conversation.

If you're looking to connect with a loved one, surrender to the experience, and experience without expectation. Trust your loved ones, and Team of light will show up for you in some way, whether it's a dream or even a quick visit during a wakeful sleep.

Have you ever had a dream or experience that you'd like to share? It's always great to hear other's experiences and to trust the divine messages that show up.

Blessings to you,


Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Teacher

Psychic Medium Christie Flynn

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