Visitation Dreams - A Conversation With My Grandfather (Papa)

Today I'm sharing insight into the experience of dreaming with insight and an experience of a visit with my Papa.

Before I share my visitation experience, also known as an After-Life Communication (ALC), I’d like to share a bit of information and a closer look at the concept of dreaming.

Dreams continue to be a topic of discussion since the beginning of human history and more so since the pandemic hit in March of this year. Many of my recent readings for clients have been asking for insights into their nightmarish experiences to make sense of them as well as lucid dreaming. Of course, there's always more concern over the meaning of nightmares versus a more positive one.

There are hundreds if not thousands of books dedicated to the topic. Ancient Egyptians used to write down their dreams on papyrus. They were considered special messages from the Gods. Dreaming is a natural part of the sleep experience. Did you know that babies will dream more in the first few weeks of birth than any other time in their life?

The average adult dreams 20% of the time during sleep. You may recall some, or not at all. Finally, dreams have been studied for hundreds of years. There's no definitive evidence about what dreams mean and are subject to 'interpretation' depending upon the personal philosophies and life experience which can impact the analysis process. They can also represent a collection of thoughts, struggles, emotions, events, people, places, and symbols relevant to the dreamer. You can keep the interpretation simple rather than reading into ever piece of the experience you can remember. Is it a warning, guidance, a reassuring experience , or something/someone you need to let go?

Keeping a journal to note the experience and reflect is a great way to keep track and reflect on dreams, repeating ones too.