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Are You Feeling The Nudge from the Other side?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

How do you know if you're on the right path and doing what you are supposed to be doing?

Many search for the meaning of life if they’re living on purpose and hope that they’re on the right track.

From the outside in, everything looks good and work is – Great, life is good…

But something is nudging that there may be something more.

You have had the feeling that you're meant to be doing something different but can't identify what that IS - Do you feel this in your heart, your gut, or within your thoughts?

Paula is her name. She had been pulled to seek out a psychic medium to help with how she was feeling. She felt like she was at a crossroads and wanted help.

Paula set up her session with me after a referral from a local customer. She was excited to meet and we sat down together in my favorite place in the house – the living room.

“Wow", she said. “Your home feels so peaceful. This feels so familiar to me like when I’d visit my grandmother at her home.”

Paula’s grandmother had passed years ago. They had been very close…

Well, her grandmother pushed through during the session right away. Her grandmother was very protective of Paula and loved her dearly.

Paula shared that she was feeling ‘off’ with her marriage. She felt that it wasn’t the right relationship anymore. They had drifted apart years ago and they both felt like roommates. Her grandmother, Evy she’d like to be called revealed she had been the one playing with the lights in the bathroom and kitchen. She also felt that Paula needed permission to leave her relationship otherwise she was going to hold onto it for all the wrong reasons. She didn’t need permission at all AND it was time to let go of the guilt and shame she had been feeling. This was a relief to Paula, and she let out a huge sigh of relief. We chatted for the next hour bringing in other messages and information to help Paula navigate her road ahead – at least for the next year or so.

Within a few months Paula shared… The time arrived and she made the decision to let go of the relationship and her husband was very understanding.

A week or so after having the conversation with her husband, Paula lost her job but received a financial package that gave her the freedom to take a vacation. A first in a long time…

She dreamed of helping people in a greater capacity but wasn’t sure what that looked like. The vacation helped to give her space to think about what she could do and her dream of

Often spirits communicate in different ways. For Paula it was electrical. The lights would flicker almost daily. As if to remind her that she wasn’t alone. It was her grandmother of course.

At times, the lights in the house would dim unexpectedly too. She would get phone calls from numbers that had been disconnected. One even came from her mother who had passed from her old phone number.

Signs from electricity had become stronger lately as Paula was still unsure of what to do with her life. During the readings it seemed clear to me, Paula knew too but wasn’t sure how to go about moving forward with her ‘dream job.’ Paula loved to help people and it was clear she had energetic gifts too. But this was more focused on Coaching people through crisis situations, much like she had experienced.

The lights in Paula’s house began to flicker more regularly… It was her grandmother’s way of telling her to get going and stop over-thinking it. Set up the basics and the clients with come… Within the next year Paula DID get set up and had established a regular clientele. She was finally on her way, living her dream.

Life has a way with twists and turns, but when the signs start signaling every time there’s an overwhelming feeling that you’re alone – the signs will be there. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Asking for a sign…

I’m often asked this question. I really want to connect with____________. How can I know when this person is around?

Share a specific symbol, sign, or maybe a song with your loved one on the Other side to let YOU know when they are with you. You can verbalize it or say it to yourself in your head.

They do hear you…

Give it some time. A few days or even a week and watch, listen for your sign from the Other side.

If you’ve tried this before and would love to share your story, please share either on this post or you can email me to

No, it’s not weird…. If you only knew how many people message to share their experiences, you’d be delightfully surprised 😊

Much love,


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