Staying In Alignment When the World Is Out of Balance

It happened a few weeks ago and even last week. I felt it all.

All of it… the tears, the grief, the sense of how REAL this all is. If you are the same — feeling the darkness and the fear, I want to send you a huge virtual hug right now. You are not alone!

And while the hug may help, the REAL path out of the pit is to stay focused on the solutions. We want (and need) solutions-based ways and protocols that keep us close to our higher power, and help us hold onto a positive vision.

We need to hold space for a true vision, one that isn’t set on “This will be all over and enter a date, and THEN I’ll feel some peace again.” Instead, we have to make room for the unknown. We don’t know WHEN everything will be over, or when (if ever) things will go back to “normal.” When we do that, we set ourselves up for failure because there’s no way to know when things will be over, or what the new “normal” will be. This can cause even more stress.

When we focus on the unknown, on the lack, or on the fear, that creates an even greater feeling of powerlessness in us, and that in turn creates more fear that we then act out. We snap at our partner, we make a snarky Twitter post, or we yell at the dog (poor dogs!). Then we just feel worse and the cycle continues!

It’s like we’ve talked about so many times. It’s much, much easier to share panic and fear than it is to spread calm and love. Panic can spread like a spark in dry kindling. It doesn’t need much help to start burning away. But calm takes effort. That’s why we have to be intentional about what we’re allowing into our consciousness, and where we choose to put our focus.

We have to interrupt that pattern and interrupt the spread of the Fear Virus by finding ways to reclaim our power, like being compassionate with each other and focusing on the positive — not in a “oh, happy joy- stop feeling bad!” way (which is that maddening bypassing), but in a committed way where we stay in alignment with our Higher Power remembering “ this and that is true”, and “both, and.” When we do that, we’re accepting what is, and what could be, and holding space in faith.

Sometimes to stay in alignment, it means we might have to let go of some people, at least temporarily. You can always unfollow or turn your notifications to the 'off' position. There are people out there who are constantly posting the scariest stuff they can find. They are feeding the fear. You may actually have to unfollow them or consciously tune them out during this time. It’s not because you don’t love them; it’s because you must protect your energy. It’s your responsibility to care for yourself so you can continue to care for others.