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4 Things That Can Interfere with Clear Communication

As a Medium and mentor to those seeking to understand intuition, all the senses, and interest for spiritual connection, I am committed to encouraging people to develop a personal spiritual practice.

A consistent, dedicated practice of stillness, quiet, and/or meditation has multiple benefits for our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, a fact that is now well-documented by multiple studies.

In addition, developing this kind of practice directly supports our ability to regain our natural, innate ability to communicate with people and animals and all life here in the now and those that have passed to spirit.

However, there are some kinds of “practices” that I have found to be counterproductive to developing the ability to become a good, clear, and more accurate communicator, and can actually be detrimental to cultivating an authentic, deep, rich spiritual connection with ourselves and all life.

In this post, I want to talk about some things that can interfere with our ability to hear and understand our other-than-human companions clearly.

4 Things That Can Interfere with Clear Communication

1. Distorted, human-centric attitudes

It is important when practicing different kinds of communication to honor intelligence, sentience (to feel), awareness (around us), and individuality of all kinds of energies around us. It is as human-centric to assume that all animals, trees, or plants are superior in wisdom and intelligence as it is to think of them as inferior or not as aware or evolved as humans.

Though the idea that humans are the pinnacle of evolution, both biologically and spiritually, is pervasive, more and more human people are becoming aware that we are but one aspect of life on this planet…and that there is an infinite array of intelligence, understanding, wisdom, and perspective among our other-than-human kin.

Seeing other species as different than humans, unique but equal in their perspective, awareness, and experience of their lives, will support clear communication. Assuming that others are either inferior or superior to humans will interfere with clear communication.

2. Frenetic, busy lifestyles

Our human world moves at a pace that does not promote time for listening, presence, balance, rest, and quiet. Sometimes the first thing that people experience when they begin to practice telepathic animal communication is to fall asleep. I feel that this is a natural response of the body to being exhausted and out of balance. Until we have a baseline of resilience, adequate rest, and quiet time and space in our lives, it can be hard to hear the animals clearly.

One of the gifts of this pandemic time for many people has been the opportunity to slow down, to let go of the insane schedules that many of us have lived with, and to learn to be quiet, alone, and still. This has not been easy for our species! But it has offered us many gifts of awareness, quiet, stillness…an opportunity to stop, pause, reflect, and rest.

I have heard from so many people in this last year who have said, “I don’t want to go back to the way things were ‘before’. The old “normal” wasn’t healthy for me.”

We are exploring new ways of living, being, and creating. If we can take the lessons of the pandemic time and recreate our human world in a more balanced way, both individually and collectively, we will create a way of being and living that will naturally support an easy, clear, fluid connection with all life.

3. Human agendas, ideas, and strong beliefs

When we begin to explore our desire and ability to communicate telepathically with animals, it is important to begin to identify the difference between our human ideas and thoughts and what is coming directly from the animal.

We all have thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and agendas—and awareness of them will help us to know our own thoughts so that we don’t confuse them with an animal’s thoughts.

Awareness is the key.

Examples of ideas, attitudes and beliefs:

  • I’ve never been very good at quieting my mind, so I probably won’t be able to do this.

  • It's too hard.

  • I'm not sensitive enough.

  • Poor confidence.

  • It's stupid, weird, woo-woo, intuition isn't real.

  • Animals don't have souls

4. Strong emotions: grief, guilt, and fear

When we are in a place of dealing with strong emotions, it can be difficult to hear or be aware of anything else. I see this most commonly with people when they are grieving the loss of a beloved animal friend, are questioning the choices or decisions that they made (or didn’t make), or are in a strong state of fear about something that is happening with an animal or other beloved.

One definition of emotion is “Energy In Motion.” Emotions are intelligent, healthy, and natural responses to our life experiences. However, when we resist them or don’t allow them to run their natural course, they can become stuck, and also hook into our thought patterns and get stuck in a kind of “feedback loop”, in this situation we can have a hard time hearing or understanding anything except our own painful inner experience.

Emotions are healthy. Stuck, unprocessed emotions, not so much. If you find that difficult emotions are all that you hear or feel when you try to communicate with a being of another species, you may need additional support or help. Sometimes it’s as simple as letting it go for the time being and coming back another day or time; sometimes, more professional help or support is needed.

Alternative Practice to Support Animal Communication:

Bring your awareness to your body and the present moment by feeling the sensations of your feet touching the Earth, and feeling the back of the body, anchored, grounded, and settled.

Shift your attention and awareness to the breath as it enters and exits your body, without trying to manipulate or control it. Allow the breath to become an anchor to the present moment and to your awareness of your physical body, and your ability to sense and feel energy beyond the boundaries of your physical form, without leaving your awareness of it.

You may like to imagine that you are like a tree: roots anchored firmly into the earth, branches/crown opening fully and with awareness to the sun, to the universal energy of the cosmos, anchored, centered, and grounded in form.

Spiritual practices that cultivate stillness, quiet awareness, and openness are supportive of a clear flow of sending and receiving communication from animals and all life. These practices are simple, uncomplicated, and don’t require a lot of training and protocols–because they are accessing our natural state of being and awareness which is always present in us beneath the noise of our human cultures.

A simple walk through the woods, or spending time observing a plant or animal in your garden, will cultivate this state of awareness and presence. As we practice this way of being in our daily lives, we are able to access the unseen, unheard worlds to build deep connections and a relationship with people, animals, trees, plants, and all life.

Try an example of meditation:

I hope that this is helpful for you in identifying some of the things that may be interfering with your ability to have a connection in a different way, beyond the five physical senses. Even the idea when I ask you to imagine a stop sign in your mind, can you see it in your imagination? Can you smell an apple pie or hear your name being whispered? Those are just a few examples.

This is by no means a comprehensive list…but it’s a start!

New development classes are offered each season. Feel free to join through the website at under the class tab.

Thank you for joining here and joining the experience.


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