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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Spiritual Communicator.

Hello and welcome if you are new here.

My name is Christie Flynn. I’ve been a professional spiritual communicator/medium for over seven years.

In today's article, I'll be sharing five key factors to consider when selecting a medium, or spiritual communicator.

A bit about me first...

As a child, I had always been sensitive and empathic. I experienced many family losses over the years. First, my favorite Aunt Vera from Collingwood, Ontario. A few years later, my grandfather, whom I’d been quite close with, passed as well after a long illness. More and more family members passed, and I became accustomed to the process. During the Christmas of 2002, I experienced certain 'knowings' that helped to prepare me for my mother’s passing in May 2003. I felt her loss deeply, but I knew she was with me. I felt her love and her complete essence. I can say she became my mentor, a guide to help develop my intuition and other non-physical senses through my mind. I explored different career paths and eventually became a health and wellness coach after 23 years as an HR Manager and Trainer/Mentor.

A few things to think about first...

Consider a medium or psychic's professionalism, website, pictures, biography, and testimonials. If you feel some kind of connection, good or not good, pay attention to your own guidance and inner knowing.

The connection matters. Why does it matter?

People don’t resonate with just the physical information; it can be an energetic vibration or relatability that resonates. Much like the idea of meeting a person for the first time and it's a match. Like a puzzle piece to a puzzle. A soul connection, of sorts.

I’ve often had clients share that they’ve found me through Google, or a social media platform and felt drawn to me through my life story, the loss of my mother to Cancer, a video they’ve found online, someone talking about me, or as simple as looking at a photo I’ve shared. I call this intuitive resonance. Something resonates at a deeper level, and you simply have a knowing that defies the traditional way of justifying why there’s a connection.

The great inventor Nikola Tesla talks about this idea of energy, frequency, and vibration. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time, using intuition, inspiration, and instinct when developing new inventions.

Zenobillis with Canva

He stated that “It is something which transcends knowledge. We have undoubtedly finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort, is futile.”

Have you experienced a recent loss? How soon is too soon to have a session with a medium?

While writing this article over the last week, I received a message from a client via email. My client had lost a family member recently. “It was out of the blue, no notice. I’m completely devastated and lost. How soon can I book a mediumship session with you, Christie?”

I used to have a set time frame, but now I take my clients' needs into account.

Reach out to the medium first, and then book accordingly.

After an enormous loss, it’s not always easy to discern for ourselves what’s right or not right. Stress from the experience and emotions.

Here are the FIVE factors to review in your search for the right medium (psychic medium or spiritual communicator) for yourself or someone you know.


Photo by Annatodica with Canva

Since spiritual communication is a non-traditional career path, there are many ways that people become professional spiritual communicators.

It is natural for us to relate to life intuitively, but it takes time to hone it to use it accurately, without personal bias.

Learning how to apply this form of communication in a professional, accurate, and clear way to assist people or animals and their human companions almost always requires some kind of training and mentoring.

This can be in the form of classes, workshops, online training and certification programs, apprenticeship, solo study, and practice, and often, a combination of all of these.

Those with the most expertise in communication have often invested time in training and practice.

I know of others in my field that were strong in their skills right away and mentored other individuals along the way. There’s always room for growth at all ages and in all career paths.

2. Experience.

Experience can also be important when choosing a medium/spiritual communicator. Though as in any profession, someone new to the field may be excellent in their work, and someone who has had many years of experience may not be as skilled, experience is one factor that may be important to investigate when choosing one.

3. Ethics.

It is important to choose a medium that adheres to strong ethical guidelines. Some of these include:

  • Only engaging in communication upon request and with permission.

  • Explaining policies, protocols, time, fees, and scheduling. Possibly noted in the description of the services.

  • Honoring each client as an individual with their own path and ability to make choices and decisions in their lives.

  • Understanding their scope of practice and referring to other trained professionals.

  • No medical advice unless they are qualified.

  • Suggesting supportive modalities that may be helpful (while recognizing that it is always a personal choice).

There are mediums online and T.V. that don’t ask permission before sharing spiritual communication. This is not the mainstream. I don’t agree with this approach at all. It isn’t any different from offering an opinion on any topic. It’s polite and professional to ask permission before delivering an opinion or, in this case, a spiritual communication.

4. Compatibility

It’s important to find a medium or spiritual, or psychic advisor that you feel comfortable with. You need to trust and feel comfortable with them to discuss important, deep, private, emotional issues.

This will vary for everyone as I mentioned earlier. One medium or psychic that is a great fit for one person may not be a great fit for you. Read their website, watch videos, and photos, or read articles and books they may have written, and see what YOUR intuition tells you about this person. Stay in touch with your feelings as you have your first session and notice if this person and the way they work feel like a good fit for you.

Many mediums and spiritual/psychic communicators also practice other kinds of supportive modalities such as Reiki, Sound therapy, Flower Essence therapy, Healing Touch, acupressure, etc. I find that this rounds out the person’s experience and training as well.

As mentioned earlier, ask for recommendations from people that you trust; do your own investigation and then trust your inner knowing.

Recommendations work and don’t work too. I had a client a few months ago share a story about a bad recommendation. She had intended to see me for a session, but a friend convinced her to go see someone else. She did go, but against her own intuition and the session didn’t go well at all.

But why? I’ve come to realize that it may not be the right time or simply not a good resonance. This should be identified early in the session and refunds provided.

5. Educate Yourself

Find out all you can about what a medium of communication is or spiritual/psychic advisor, how it works, and what they can and cannot do. All mediums and psychics have varying levels of abilities in how they sense information. This will make you an educated client and help you to understand this beautiful modality that can help to create deeper and more harmonious relationships in many areas of life, including the one you hold with yourself.

No research question affects more people than ‘What happens when we die?’

New research is always underway in this field which is exciting. I find it interesting that it's okay in some situations or experiences and others not so much.

Research findings are available and are demonstrating the survival of consciousness after death can help alleviate fear and anxiety around death. Moreover, personal experiences of contact with the dead can positively impact grief.

Even if this research is not relevant to you personally, knowledge about after-death communication, how mediums work, and what researchers have found may help you relate to your friends or loved ones who are interested in these topics or who have had related experiences.

These are not rare experiences, but they are usually misunderstood. Chances are you or someone you know has had contact with a deceased loved one and felt distressed about sharing the experience with others. Misinformation can cause suffering, and the truth can assist in helping alleviate it.

“Unresolved grief can cause significant mental and physical distress and traditional psychotherapy may not be effective in relieving grief (e.g., Beischel, Mosher, & Boccuzzi, 2014-2015). Grief is resolved when the bereaved can recognize their continuing bonds with the deceased.” (e.g., Klass & Steffen, 2017)

If you reading this article after a recent loss, I send my love and condolences to you. If this article was helpful, please share a comment.

As one of my mentors, Mavis Pittilla once said, "Love like life can never die." (Mavis was a teacher at The Arthur Findlay College. The World's Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.)

Take good care and much love.


Here are a few resources that may help you on your journey.

  • -Try my free Meditations on Youtube.

  • Join my weekly email newsletter Christie's Message.

  • Interesting books to read that may help with your journey.

Here are a few books I recommend learning more about life, dying, death, and what comes next. All of which I have read personally.

The Afterlife of Billy Elliot by Annie Kagan - It's a quick read and based on a true story.

One of the most detailed and profound ADCs ever recorded, Kagan's book takes the reader beyond the near-death experience.

Soul Dog: A Journey into the Spiritual Life of Animals by Elana Mannes - A wonderful story.

Chronicles the author’s profound relationship with her dog, Brio, his ability to read her mind and emotions, and the messages she received from him after his death.

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