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Christie Flynn's August to Fall Action Cycle 2022

Copyright by Christie Flynn Consulting Inc.

I was sitting down with a girlfriend this past week finally. It’s been four years since our last physical visit. Time as we agreed felt like many years rather than two years. We both had shifted many times in those short two years as I feel many have, perhaps you too?

2022 will continue the process of developing transparency in individuals and organizations. We are stepping into paths of conscious destiny and purpose, knowing more about what we as souls want to do, without ego.

Those of us who look for deeper meaning for what next? Where do I go and what do I do that has meaning? Realizations have surfaced about what we don’t want and do want or even, I’m not sure. This place of not knowing may feel like, “I’m stuck” as we are used to knowing everything including the future. Worry creeps up trying to figure out what will happen, or will I figure this out? This space or void of not knowing is truly a realization of greater potential. This is a time of growth, clearing space for more learning, changing spaces, and relocation in many areas such as work, relationships, and retirement to un-retired to find meaning and purpose. Spread your wings, let go, have some fun and buckle up for lots more to come in.

The time to ourselves can bring insights into how we’ve been living, what’s behind our choices, what we’ve been irrationally afraid to face, and what potential lies waiting for the chance to express ourselves fully. Much of this has been suppressed in our subconscious, below the level of noticeability or awareness. The insights can be like flashing lights that signal: Take care of this! Something needs to be done. This is no longer viable. This is in your way. More is possible! They can guide us to a better reality and reveal the connection to something bigger, to a greater sense of belonging. Or they can act as ego-threatening criticisms that the left brain wants to ignore or push back down into the deep subconscious. You can feel alone (all one) or lonely (only one). Flip the switch and guide yourself to the right side more so you can drop into your imagination. Insights, your sensing system waits for you in the imagination.

“See you there.” - Imagination

One basic choice is primary for everyone this year. WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHALL I BE? Will I support or harm others? Will I be selfish and destructive in my egotism, or caring and life-giving in my attentiveness? Will I resist change—and transformation—and stubbornly try to perpetuate and defend the “old-familiar-comfortable-habitual”? Or will I open myself to the surprise of what can happen when I have a relationship with the unknown (or temporarily forgotten) part of myself? Will I block my creativity or embrace and embody my confidence and capability? Your choice is your reality.

New Projects Begin, Stop, Stall, or Re-Start

In 2021 many people were energized about beginning new projects and creations based on the expanded sense of self they intuited was about to become real. They were hot to trot and ready to go! And yet, for many people the momentum was interrupted by unexpected, dramatic experiences. For some, it was a major move and/or change of job, or not going back to work and becoming an entrepreneur instead. For others, it was marriage, divorce, illness, or the death of a loved one. A situation that felt perfect turned out to hold a painful lesson that was the last gasp of old sacrificial or limitation thinking. These experiences were part of the clearing process that began in 2020. Cleaning out closets and the garage led to a greater need to know true spaciousness. By being ushered into realities that forced us to think more open-mindedly, we saw that 1) perhaps our excitement was premature and our idea needed more refinement, and 2) openness doesn’t equate with loss—it’s the magnet for just-right possibilities.

Dramatic clearings - Our minds and hearts did not want to go back into old ways of doing. Doing what others want for us rather than doing what feels right. This prompted us—and it will all through 2022—to consciously choose a better reality.... and life. This year our creative view will continue to clarify and drop into form, step by step, moment by moment, without being forced. Things are beginning to move and unfold toward that new, mysterious expanded scope. It's important to be excited, have faith and hope in ourselves and others.

August is a time for power and forward movement. Career changes, movement, advancement, promotion, or pivoting will come up in the next few months. I strongly suggest that you acknowledge your skills, be proud, and redirect them where they can be used, and shared with others – mentorship, paying it forward in a bigger way. You must take that step, the risk for more, greater potential and expansion is prominent in 2023. Confidence arrives with practice, belief, and courage. It’s a time for tenacity, strength, and empowering yourself to go and get what you deserve.

As you step into confidence and courage, set clear boundaries for various themes of confrontation. You’ll soon realize that your value system doesn't match with others that had been around you for years.

Embrace emotional strength, and strategies that support you in the direction of your vision and goals, one at a time. Reserve time for focus and planning to steer you in the direction. 2022 is a year of re-creating, setting up a solid foundation with that vision. The vision expands as you start to build what feels right for you.

Matters around the home will need attention. What felt right before may not feel right now. You’ll feel the need to make your home a home. A home with peace, love, and deserve goodness. Surround yourself with people who light up when you walk in the room and vice versa. Lots of house cleaning and clearing. You’ll feel lighter and empowered by the end of September to mid-October.

Polarizations will be occurring for many as the egoic mind rises for some but looks like many. Never discount those that are rising with the tides in a good way. Stay clear of polarization, and victim mentality and focus on what you’re creating for the highest good. Be the light for others.

Everything that you need is in the present moment for you. With you. The past – let go. The future – never happens. And with that, what wants to come through you will materialize with love.

Be transparent, helpful, supportive, and emotionally helpful. It’s not the time to hold in and blow up. It’s a time to communicate with love. 2022 is truly a transformative year.

Note that the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It however CAN be transformed from one form to another. It truly is a time of new beginnings.

With Love and Service,

Christie Flynn

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Liz Reid
Liz Reid
Aug 21, 2022

Love this thank you! Liz

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