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Connecting Two Worlds

How is it possible for a person to bridge the gap between two worlds, the 'here' and 'now?'

Yesterday, a person who didn't know me, the work I've done for years nor the experiences that I've share with people and through readings, but posted a comment. Here it is.

The post: "When people die, they are dead."

I beg to differ.

Much like "thin places", the Celtic term for "those rare locales where distance between heaven and Earth collapses", stated Eric Weiner in his spirituality travelogue, Man Seeks, God. "thin connections" are those experiences that people have, where there is an undefinable, mysterious energy that is beyond everything . To feel, but not see. To sense, but not fear the possibility. It is the unseen power that makes its presence and yet it defies all possible proof, because it is unlike all you've perceived through the five senses. It transcends the senses, stated Mahatma Ghandi in his Spiritual Message to the World in 1931.

The experiences have given me pause many, many, times. There is a common experience that many feel after the loss of a close loved one, that more the norm than most people thin.

An experience can be a thin place as well, it doesn't have to be a physical destination like Stonehenge. A "thin place" doesn't have to be a place, it can be a moment spurred on by a deep conversation, or a meditation that holds space for an experience to unfold.

Whatever your experience, which can be very different from one person to another, there's a common thread : a thin place has been a termed used for a long time to describe an experience in time where the space between heaven and earth grows thin and a connection between each side of the veil intertwine.

Most days I have the opportunity to share in these "thin places" with clients who also seek out connection and theses experiences have a shared flow of energy. It's really quite beautiful and there's an immense feeling of love. This is known in many cultures, but seldom talked about because we know so little. But there's much research about near death experiences (NDE's) that provide a great deal of validation to the information on both sides. This is a natural part of life.

Having connection with a loved one after they've past on to Spirit, the Otherside is incredibly common and not odd at all. My clients are young, older, and all backgrounds including business executives, doctors, lawyers, professors and much more.

Today, I shared a reading with a client. I connected to her brother who had passed on from a tragic accident. I could feel my stomach begin to feel upset. This is a regular reaction I have for a suicide or murder. But, as I looked closer into the energy, the spirit energy, he shared it was suicide. I could tell her brother was embarrassed but explained the reasons why which made clear sense to my client. Many messages came through from her brother including his love to tease and torment her. He says, "You need to laugh more and lighten up." My client agreed with a slight giggle. And, he shares he loved the connection they had growing up, walking along the rocky waterway, turning over stones to catch crawfish." Her eyes, opened widely in shock that I knew that detail about their life growing up. He had been gone a long time now. It was a beautiful unfolding. The session wrapped up with a few more messages of encouragement and then he stepped back from the session and I could feel his presence lesson.

Within a reading, this too is a "thin place" an exchange of energy, love and messages.

The energy flows from our world to the Otherside. This Otherside is closer than we think, much like a whisper of a word in your ear. The energy exists around us always.

The purpose of the blog here is unfolding. I try to update the site a much as possible with my team.

Take care and stay safe.


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