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Do people have an afterlife?

Is there an Afterlife?

Today I’ll be sharing some insight into the perspective that people and animals can have in the afterlife once they have crossed to the other side.

I often get asked this question, "What is life like on the other side, the spirit realm for people or animals" What are they doing?"

I love speaking with people and animals in spirit. It's a great privilege and joy to help people and animals along their journey. Whether it's to convey a message, bring peace to a particular experience, event, or support them. There's a healing that I've witnessed take place through our dialogue together.

As I'm blending my energy with people or animals who have crossed to the other side, the sensation I get always feels very loving and pure. I've never had an uncomfortable experience. I've quite simply felt love from them.

People and animals both have shared their perspectives with me from the life they lived here on earth, the transition to the spirit world, and what they're doing in their new life.

They do have a perspective and understand that they have left their physical body and are now in the spirit world. They feel alive much like we do and without the form of a body. They live on and continue magnificently really.

Our relationship has changed in some way but the relationship we hold with our loved ones continues. It’s really about the next chapter of the relationship, how it unfolds takes time and awareness.

The fundamental way of communication takes form through the senses, the clairs, which I teach in courses throughout the year. The language is different and may feel new, but the language is very much a part of who we all are and has unfortunately for many, been forgotten. It can be uncovered and re-awakened which I love to share.

During many moments of dialogue with people and animals in spirit, they show me a life that’s more expansive, fluid, and free. It’s very easy for them to come near through signs, connections that affirm their existence.

They show me levels of expansive consciousness and that they can come and go at any time. They can be with their loved ones here on earth all at the same time as if time and space flow together as one.

Some have a particular job, perhaps helping others transition from the earth plane to the spirit plane. I’ve often viewed and felt that they help with various age groups, some with young children, youth, and adults too. This is the same for animals too.

I often feel my mother, Shelley, a guide to my life in many ways since her passing in 2003. She was a nurse here on earth from the early age of 21 until the age of 58. I've felt that she continues on in this way too, as a healer, helper to those in need, or even sharing with me that she had experienced the beaches of Greece. A dream of hers for many years when she was alive.

Often, I’ve felt that if there was a particular restriction here on earth, perhaps physically, mentally, or even emotionally incapable of a task, they can fully appreciate and explore it on the other side. One with a particular leg issue becomes a hiker, a skier, or a traveler of the world. Perhaps to travel to points on the earth they’ve never experienced before. And on the other hand, they show me the landscape of their childhood, a favorite location, or even a cottage that they call home at that moment.

I recall an experience back to 2019 at an event in Woodstock, New Brunswick. I felt a really strong father figure come through for a gentleman I was reading for. The father was driving a convertible car, white leather interior, and a pair of dice hanging from the front mirror. I could how he felt in that moment, free, healthy, and loving life.

Others have shown me their capacity to work on a more global scale, helpers for the human and animal species to heal on some level. Healers, helpers, or even ascending to another dimension or level in the spirit world, they are thriving, living, and expanding in some way. I conveyed a message from the whale species in a recent blog post.

I have also witnessed people in spirit enjoying the simple pleasure that they loved while they were on earth, such as enjoying skiing, the outdoors, chopping wood, tinkering on an old truck, kneading dough, and preparing to make a fresh loaf of rosemary bread.

The world of the afterlife is expansive and real. They are alive, thriving, and very much close by to their loved ones on earth.

We are eternally connected, capable of communication in a dialogue unique to you and them.

Have you ever had an experience, an event, or a sign from your loved one? Feel free to share below. You never know who reads it and the impact it could hold for someone.

Trust YOUR sensing abilities.

Please never doubt, or wave away the experience as if it’s not possible. The human and animal species ARE feeling, sensing beings, here for a time. We are intertwined with the spirit world. They are our helpers, healers, and guides to our life here and now in their afterlife.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the possibilities of what the afterlife feels and looks like.

I’ve provided some examples from my personal experience but of course not ALL of them.

Thank you for joining me here today,


Psychic Medium, Mentor, Writer and Reiki Practitioner

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