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Intuition Is the GPS of the Soul. Is Yours Turned ON?

“Learn the importance of your personal intuition and why it's needed now more than ever."

I just sat down at the island I write at for many of my ideas, blogs, posts, and courses I'm offering. I cast music from my google speaker to play whatever helps set the feeling to help me type and or write.

I realized maybe a quick write-up here on the blog about intuition would help even though I've touched on it a few other times here on the blog. I feel it's so important. It's not a gift either. It's a skill, an ability we're born with.

Here we go...

A quick history check in about intuition.

Intuition has a grand history and if you're brave enough to trust it, it can help you in more ways than you think.

It's the 'voice of wisdom' in your life to help you make big decisions.

Historically, Aristotle and Plato discussed the nuances of intuition. Intuition is an underlying knowing about something such as the solution to a problem without reasoning. It's an effortless 'sense' of experience and collective information of 'knowing' brought in from birth.

The brain and body forms an association at the subconscious level that can be used to help resolve a problem in some way. Aristotle referred to it as the "voice of wisdom."

40% of CEOs make decisions based on intuition: their own version of collected data much like a computer saving thousand of byte sized piece of information on a hard drive.

J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Thomas Edison, Oprah, and many other people use it. They learn about it as if it’s a very personal formed language through practice.

A practice of learning and listening to that VOICE, FEELING, KNOWING, SEEING of information. It's similar to your physical senses but beyond them. They are referred to the multi-sensory experience or 'clairs'. (I'll touch on all the clairs in the next blog post).

Here is my TOP TIP (To ensure promptness... of understanding) to help begin the process of understanding of how it may work for you.

Journal Your Past Experiences

Recollect past experiences and detailing what happened from beginning to end helps to solidify how it works for you personally.

Intuition is the whisper of the soul conversation with you. - Christie Flynn

Write down a negative experience where you felt your safety threatened or a positive experience that felt good. Perhaps that feeling when you met someone for the first time and were excited about it.

Here are a few prompts to help you begin;

What was the year, date, or season?

Where did the experience take place?

Who was involved?

What happened?

Did you listen to your intuitive 'voice' or 'gut feeling?'

Gut Feeling... It's literally a feeling within the body.

Let me know if this helped in some way. You can simply reply here or send a message to christie@christieflynn. Yes, I reply :-))

Feel free to join my online webinar on January 7th, 2021 from 7 to 8:30 pm Ottawa time (Eastern Standard Time) through zoom video conferencing. It's FREE! My gift to you to help you be more successful with your personal intuition. It's a good place to start, learn from the experience, and help it grow. (#intuitivedevelopmentwithchristieflynn)

If you are feeling like you're having more moments of awakening—more than usual, bigger than before—trust this feeling.

It's what's happening to many people right now. It's about a greater connection within ourselves and the experiences that are taking place to support direction.

Much love and gratitude,


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