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Our Presence is Needed Now.

The whale communication...

I have felt his presence since last night. Here is his message.

"Our population may be small now but we have big hearts. You are not alone in these challenging times. Look to nature for peace, presence and reassurance. Share more love and kindness for those that need it now more than ever. The world needs more compassion and understanding. It is through our acts of kindness to others that you will receive love too.
The law of reciprocity is at hand. Fill your heart by helping others by offering a helping hand. You never will know unless your try. Today, now is the time to start. Who can you help? Who can you send love to? Yes, it matters. You matter. We are all part of a collective healing. And by blessing others with your presence, you create a change in others.
The domino effect begins now..."

Wisdom from the whales.

Christie Flynn

Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Writer

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