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The Journey Of Connection to Your Team of Light and Love - By Christie Flynn

Hi there and welcome,

I’m aware that a lot is going on all over the world and in your world too.

It can be a bit overwhelming but finding ways that comfort, keep you grounded, and focused on what’s important is essential to your health, of it.

Over three years ago I talked about this in my weekly Facebook live streams from 2019 to 2020. Keeping a solid foundation for yourself, your family, and your work, supports your mental, emotional, and physical health. Minding what’s important, keeping to routine, healthy relationships, taking breaks, and being active in a way that you’re going to enjoy the experience.

In the depths of it all, you may be searching to find meaning, answers, or connection to your spirit team, loved ones, guides, and beyond. t’s common to get caught up in all the stuff going on, get distracted, and forget how great it feels to have a deeper connection to that something special, the presence of loving energy, pure consciousness, loved ones in spirit (people and animals), and beyond. Our team of light. Guides. Supporters. Inspirers. Helpers.

There is a simple answer, but we’ve been told a story that we must be busy, doing, working all hours of the day, week to meet a certain goal. To accumulate stuff. I do appreciate the benefits of minimalism. Much of this comes from our environment from teachers, parents, friends, role models in our life and media (society). If you’re lucky, you’ve been shown the benefit of the outdoors, and nature, that we do need to disconnect and take a time out.

In the last three years, many people have come to me to seek out and experience a deeper connection of support. You may have found that you have more synchronicities happening, felt things, experienced weird coincidences, or sensed something and wondered what that was, I'm here to share, you're opening up. Sometimes there's a significant event, or trauma that can trigger it to begin or to remember. For me, it was my mother, Shelley Flynn. We all have the capacity to sense things beyond our physical senses. We've been taught to ignore it and not to trust it. But that's changing because more and more people are wanting to learn how to access it again. I'm excited. I truly am. It's part of the reason why I'm here and sharing theses words with you now.

What I’ve realized and recently named it ‘priming’ for more experiences to come in. Some call it an awakening, a door opening, or maybe you’ve always had it and pushed it aside. But it’s there opening slowly and organically because it’s so different from what our world has told us about this stuff. The media has shown us that it’s scary. Science in the past has told us it’s not real. The majority that we know call it a scam or woo woo, but the science of today, now is proving otherwise. There is an energy around us and through us, the quantum field, pure consciousness, or universal consciousness is real. Something is driving it all. It took me time to open up to it and learn about it and TRUST it.

Yes, I waved it away for a long time. We are all born with it. You have it. It does ‘hang’ in the balance waiting for us all to tap into IT. It’s going to be different for you and so it should. A remembering takes time for many. Curiosity is helpful. Follow the subtle hints of curiosity. The "drop-ins."

My best recommendation from personal experience and through mentoring is to;

  • find a time, a place, and a way that you’re going to be relaxed, and open. Typically, it’s in the early morning, just before bed, during a kind of meditation, even in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s going for a walk out to a quiet place where you can be away from distraction.

  • Have a notebook, journal, or diary to write down prompts, and questions that you’re needing answers to.

  • The sacred breath helps to calm down your system. Breath is life. The English word spirit comes from the Latin "spiritus" ("breath").

  • There are related concepts to the spirit in other languages such as the German, 'Geist' (related to the English word ghost), and the French, "l'espirit." Sanskrit uses the terms akasha and prana (breath). Similarly, both the Scandinavian languages and the Chinese language use the term "breath" to refer to the spirit. In the Bible, the word "Ruach" is most translated as the spirit, whose essence is divine.

  • Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and slowly, then release your breath slowly. Do that a few times until the rhythm is more open and calmer.

  • Lean into a memory of a loved one that has passed, picture them, and imagine how they would respond to your question.

More helpful hints… Which loved one do feel is the first person or animal that can help support you on this journey? Who comes to mind for you right now?

I recognized early on that my mother was my first guide/mentor who helped me. I learned to trust the answers as simple as they were at times. I’d write down what I thought she was sharing with me and follow much of what I felt she was telling me. It helped. My experiences weren’t always the same as she’d influence animals, numbers, or music around me. I may feel her presence with a warm breeze, goosebumps across my skin, or smell the scent of her favorite perfume rose water, or Oscar de la Renta.

You can learn from them, your loved one to help build that link, trust, and belief.


Remember, we’ve been taught trusting, and then over time I’d extend a mental hand, my energy, my soul to explore… I’d send a thoughtful message, a question out if there was anyone else around, a guide, a helper, an inspirer to help as well.

Location, location, location.

There are spots in this world called ‘thin places’ where the ‘veil is thin’ or you feel something special. I found that all over in different places from my cottage in Kenora to Wasaga Beach Ontario, Sedona, swimming in the Dead Sea, Jordan, to places in New Brunswick, and recently a friend’s backyard. It can be anywhere and everywhere. The realm of the spirit comes close together in these places that feel calming and light, some claim. That may be; or it may be that there are some places, like some chords in music, that evoke something spiritual in people, as the smell of burning leaves can bring back childhood to many of us; and that some places have more of that power of evocation than others. Maybe it is the outdoors on a bench, a quiet room in your home, or the car parked in your driveway. It may take you time and practice to figure out. Again, it takes time.

How you communicate matters - Hold an intention with love

Hold an intention with love. Feel free to say a few words or a prayer if you wish.

Be open, and receptive, and hold your body, its position with your hands relaxed on your lap, or to the side depending on if you’re seated or lying down.

Be open to different ways that ‘they’ will connect with you. Let go of expectations. Try not to compare other people’s experiences with your own. Be open to using your sense of imagination within your mind’s eye to hear, see, understand, feel, and even smell. To physically see, hear, or smell is rare. Please don’t put that pressure on yourself or them. You have gifts of sensing as they try to communicate in the best way they can.

Animals around you too.

Never discount the animals that are showing up around you physically and in your dreams. One of my favorite books, Soul Dog by Elena Mannes reveals that animals are just as wise as everything else. They have a soul too.

Recording - written, video, or audio (I've tried them all but prefer to write)

Recording your experiences also helps to validate what is occurring around you. No, not everyone around you will understand what you’re seeking or experiencing. Give it a place to land. It is your feedback, observations, a tracking method to help you see and feel your progress. I have at least twenty journals now.

A Quick Hello - An Impromptu Meetup

Lastly, feel free to keep it simple and send out a question verbally or within your mind, a mind-thought and wait for an answer to come. It may take time. They may send you a sign, a signal, an animal. Feel free to use google search to look up the symbolic meaning of numbers, signs, and signals that repeat around you and use discernment – what feels like the right answer. If it’s not clear, ask for another helpful hint. Again, keep your question simple. One at a time.

The Language of Spirit

The language of spirit and language of connection can take some time. Believe that you can connect and communicate. They believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. Belief in yourself is love.

Gratitude and a Thank you

Giving thanks, gratitude for them and yourself on this beautiful journey. It sets up the bridge, arc of connection from your heart to theirs. Love it eternal. They are ambassadors to your light, your soul. I apply this at the end of every reading, or session with my team of light too. When building a relationship with anyone, gratitude at the end is a great way to seal the experience with love.

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. Be careful of your words and what you think. The thinking mind likes to takeover when you say to yourself "I'm not getting it. or it's not happening." Perhaps taking time to be creative in anyway that you like will spur a feeling of connection. Try it out. Just try.

I hope this has helped you. Let me know along the way if you’ve had an experience, even if it’s a simple one. Those are just as magical as any others you may have.

Remember, everything is energy. Embu - breathe love into your life.

Be safe and take care.

Much love,

P.S. If you'd like to book a reading and find a service right for you, book HERE.

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