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The Way of The Intuitive Connection by Christie Flynn

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

There is a voice that doesn't use words, listen. - Anonymous

Getting into the flow of connection to receive guidance.

Today I’m going to share with you a few ways in which you can tune in and connect to receive helpful answers for yourself.

The biggest concern today from clients these days tends to be a feeling all wrapped up in worry. Worry is the left side of our brain that's responsible for wanting to know everything now, including the future. Worry is stressful. Worry can hold you in a place of feeling stuck and doesn’t acknowledge your abilities to shift and transform on the spot.

You see the right side of the brain, the intuitive, in-flow side knows the answers but because this view or perception is kind of “woo-wooish”, most people won’t consider it as an option.

I’m going to suggest a few ways for you to access a way to connect with your intuitive side, but you’ve got to let go of the idea, or belief that it’s not possible for you, or it’s too hard, or it’s only certain people that can access this place of support, inspiration, guidance, and wisdom.

Please note that the use of intuition has been around since the beginning of time. We are all born with it and you have it. It's only been in the last few hundred years that certain groups of people feel it's wrong or lacks validity.

The Intuitive Way is innovative and thrives in every field of work.

There are scientists that have organized studies by hiring intuitive individuals to help companies problem-solve key issues. They design a series of questions associated with the problem. Each intuitive then tunes into the questions with their intuitive abilities to reveal their intuitive answers individually. The scientists then collect the answers and arrive at a consensus towards a solution. This is called intuitive consensus. Many companies all over the world have been using this form of intuitive support for years. Japan has been applying this process for years. It helps to be open to different ways of problem-solving. Government departments have been working with intuitive people, psychics, mediums, and other non-physical abilities for many decades now. Police departments are now more receptive to the support and guidance as well. Why wouldn't they if it helps solve a problem? How it works or happens should be the concern at all. It's innovation in action.

"An intuitive person acknowledges the information without doubt." - Christie Flynn

Tim Cook is an American business executive and engineer who has been the chief executive officer of Apple Inc. since 2011. In 1998 after six months work at Compaq, he met up with Steve Jobs from Apple Inc. Shortly after this meeting, Tim made an intuitive decision to leave Compaq to work at Apple Inc. at a time when it was considered a dying company. In an interview with Duke University, Tim spoke about the role of intuition playing out for that decision. Tim stated, he just ‘knew. Intuition defies all reality. It’s something that grows as you learn to use it. “The struggle that most people have is listening to it and learning how to access it in some way. Even though I’m an engineer and an analytical person at heart the most important decisions I’ve made, have nothing to do with any of that. They were all based on my intuition…Sometimes you just have to go for it.”

Just like Tim, I’ve seen an exponential explosion in recent years of interest, acceptance, respect and understanding in this field. The number of doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, researchers, scientists, IT professionals and people like me and you who took notice, recognized there’s something to this with a desire to learn how it all works.

Our connection and communication with the natural world began as a child through the encouragement of our caregivers to play in the outdoors. It’s amazing how even at a young age this special relationship existed with nature, animals, the stars, and beyond.

Finding your Intuitive Way....

Let's start with the process. Building a practice of connecting in this way builds belief. What you focus on expands.

With these steps that I’m going to share, you'll be able to access your soul wisdom, spiritual team, and vast field of consciousness that is available to help provide insights. It is through routine, a regular habit and practice that you create your personal arc of connectivity.

What I’ll be showing you is a shift from the left to the right side, into the heart space to access a more holistic view of this field of energy (team/oneness). Then flow back to the left side, which is the side that needs to action the inspired idea, or guidance information that you received. It’s the side that you need help from too to make sense of the information so you can apply it. Think of this process as a flow, an arc of working with both parts of you to shift. Consider this experience, or process a dance between both sides. The here and now with a field of possibilities and opportunities.

Step by Step Process:

Letting go and drifting into the Heart Process… Letting go with the mind and drop into your Heart.

  1. Go to a place where you can get quiet. Keep this simple. Yes, you have five minutes.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Breathe in and out a few times creating a flow like a figure eight, the infinity sign.

  4. Imagine that your mind just drops into the heart. Imagine a bright white light moving from the mind and into the center of your heart… You are there.

  5. Look out from behind your eyes and notice the noticing, sensing, and feeling of what’s around you. What surfaces for you or bubbles up from within?

  6. What did you see, know, feel? What was the experience like?

  7. Jot down any information from this experience in your handy journal.

Recording details in some way supports the left brain’s need for information so you can access the proof and validation. It’s the practice, the proof that builds belief. Synchronicities or coincidences may occur during this process to remind you and support the guidance you used during this process.

With practice, the shift from where you are now to your intuitive self can become more and straightforward with time. Figuring out what way works best for you isn't going to happen in a day. Allowing it to evolve organically is a great way to approach intuition. Feel free to lengthen the session from a few minutes to twenty minutes. Let go and have fun.

As I often share, being in nature supports an intuitive connection too. Getting away from technology throughout the day is essential to your personal wellness. Technology is a distraction away from your sensitivities and what you can pick up around you while you take a walk, hike, or bike ride along a pathway. Don't listen to music either. Observing the surroundings is a great place to start. Look upwards. Look around. Look closer. What pops up in front of you or grabs your attention.

I recommend taking up anything that involves creativity, using your hands to make something, the arts, music, a puzzle, painting, woodworking, doodling, etc. I'm not asking you to be an artist. I'm offering suggestions that can lead you to a place that's freeing, letting the mind go to discover. What can help free your mind from the day-to-day. That there is where I want you to go and yes, play. Letting go. To be free allows you to move into an experience of peace, calm, and insight. This is the sweet spot where you can get ideas, problem-solve and receive drop-ins of support from your guides too.

What helped me on my path to uncovering my abilities?

It wasn't just ONE thing that happened. I can look back and acknowledge my love of the outdoors from spending weeks at our cottage on Lake of the Woods, Ontario every summer as a child, Sand Lake, Wasage Beach, the ocean, trips to Sedona, Italy, or to a simple walk after work. It's my ritual, routine that helps me connect. I'm also incredibly grateful for my mom who would often send my brother and I outside regardless of the temperature for fresh air away from the television, encouragement to join different sports activities. My grandfather and parents encouraged me to explore music, creative outlets, and reading.

I do think a big part of my process was my sense of curiosity, learning new things, exploring different subjects helped a lot. I followed the weird, the odd, and different areas of healing and for some reason gave myself permission to follow the rabbit hole. Seeing colors in meditations or auric colors around people really caught my attention and wonder. What is that? What does that mean? I didn't share in the beginning either. It was a long time until I could make 'sense' of it for myself that I started to talk about it. Let's be honest. The weird isn't for anyone. Many people need to know what it is, how it works in the third dimensional physical state. Just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it can't exits. If we didn't have telescopes, we wouldn't know that there are thousands of planets beyond earth.

My mother was a big help to me after she passed. I consider her a mentor in all rights as she helped me understand that she wasn't gone from me. We only parted ways physically in the way I had been used to being with her. She always sent me something that was pretty obvious to me she was talking to me symbolically. She helped bridge the gaps from lack of understanding to understanding. Love, trust and faith that my experiences were real and valid. I learned and continue to learn how to steer my personal senses to this language of connection.

I'd like to acknowledge all the work experiences and courses I've taken over the years from studying business, nutrition, personal training, meditation, reiki, personal coaching, public speaking, and positions I’ve held at various companies. I believe I've held about fifteen different kinds of jobs in various fields since I was twelve. Lastly, with life brings some really tough losses challenges, travels, and people I’ve met along the way. In the grand scheme of it all, I hit a tipping point and my life shifted into this field for which I'm grateful.

With that, consider that there’s no end to how you can expand as you start believing, trusting, and shifting. This process is referred to as getting into the flow… the law of flow and emergence. A dash of trust and faith too.

One last note here. When you allow yourself the gift to take risks, chances on YOU and explore, you have the opportunity to uncover more of your potential.

Thank you for being here and part of this growing community.

With love and gratitude,


Medium, Teacher, Energy Healer, and Writer

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