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Finding Dimes? What is the Significance of Finding These Little Miracles?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

It's my pleasure to welcome you to today's subject as I share some background, as stories about finding dimes have been shared across all cultures around the world for many years. What's curious is their timely arrival, often at a time that holds meaning for the person finding the dime and the connection to something quite significant.

The phenomenon of dimes appearing out of thin air is often dismissed by science but for many of those who recount their personal stories, the findings defy reality or any kind of rational thinking.

"I've heard finding dimes is a sign of good luck," a friend commented.

In the beginning, for those that have found dimes, or ten-cent coins that are timed according to a special moment, a need to feel supported, and less alone they may feel odd or weird. Over time and with a series of validating occurrences, coincidence, and synchronicity begins to fill the air with other possibilities that thoughts are heard in some way.

Many people believe that if you find a dime in an unexpected place, it means that someone who has passed away is sending a message of love and support.

I recall finding pennies here and there as a child or even a rare twenty-five cent coin. The experience always felt like I'd won the lottery. I'd usually add them to my collection of savings in a ceramic piggy bank my mother had bought me to help save for a rainy day or special purpose.

Later in life and even after my mother's passing in 2003, I began to find dimes more and more. It was a peculiar thing to experience as they were often found in places that I'd already crossed. The incidents seemed to happen more frequently and I began to correlate their findings with something I had been thinking about, thoughts of my mother, or needing a solution to a particular issue at hand. The coincidences felt synchronistic and I began to sense their meaning. It's as if these little miracles answered my call and desire for help.

Have you ever been surprised to find a dime and then another? Were you able to sense or understand at some level how it coincided with a particular date or timing of thought that you'd been thinking?

The significance of finding dimes, and ten-cent coins is an interesting and wonderful phenomenon that carries the meaning of a guiding idea. This could be an answer to a question, or to feel supported in some way but above all else, a feeling of divine love and even a sense of collective oneness.

Where do these dimes come from?

The very idea plays to the outer edges of science and thought as one tries to make sense of the things that don't make sense. However, modern-day physics or quantum physics refers to a level of energy unseen by the naked eye that actively engages with all matter consistently. This field has qualities of love, peace, bliss, creativity, intelligence, and universal energy of oneness. This can include loved ones in spirit, guides, helpers, inspirers, and this field of oneness that is reachable with a thought, or senses beyond the physical ones. Much like when you meet someone for the first time but can feel a sense of deep connection, or even repelled by their energy, animals included. Everything and everyone can send and receive information from this field of energy like a radio tuning to a music station.

Drawing from the principles in the law of conservation of energy from the early 1600s, and became established in physics in the 1800s. It states that "Energy can not be destroyed, it changes form." When a loved one passes to spirit, their energy has changed form. To feel or know a loved one is close by in some way is a very real thing. I've spoken to thousands of clients over the years who get this fact. When thoughts of a loved one come to mind there's a connection to this loving field of energy of influence and support placing dimes on the path to reaffirm this connection. Finding meaning in these divinely timed experiences can be quite personal but many are left wondering and pondering of other possibilities.

What is the Significance of Finding Dimes?

“I keep getting dimes. What does this mean, Christie?”

This question came up quite a few times in the past month. It was an excellent opportunity to sit down and give some attention, understanding, and possible interpretations. The fact that two people with the exact first name and initial for their last name came forward with questions about finding dimes was curious as well. A great time to explore and uncover more about these timely miracles.

Finding a Dime Just in Time.

What is the significance of finding a coin coinciding with a particular date?

Finding a dime is an interesting experience, especially the date marked on the coin. Curiosity fills the mind and heart as to why is this happening, who's sending it, and what could the date represent. These are a few of the questions that arise upon finding a particular coin.

One may or may not recognize the date indicated on the coin. It may be an anniversary, a celebration of life, a birthday, a date of passing, or another date particularly special to the person receiving the coin. Perhaps you've recently thought of a particular person. A connection to the passing of a person or pet. Also, consider the thought of someone alive too.

Consider looking at the date you find a dime or a particular coin to see if it coincides with a special date you recognize. Perhaps even writing your experiences down because our recall of some dates sometimes takes longer than we'd like them to. Our memories are imperfect, and recording connects us to something significant and extraordinary at work that we can learn from and share with those open to the story. Some will be, and some won't. But your experience might open up someone else's awareness at a further point.

I recently found a dime while cleaning out a pot drawer placed way back and behind the drawer in preparation for a move. Now, I've cleaned this area multiple times from time to time to reclaim a top to a pot or wipe up some dust. What's interesting is the timing when I found my dime. Moving can take up a lot of time and energy to plan, organize, minimize possibly, pack, and unpack. Memories drifted to many moves throughout my life for various reasons and also miss my mother who was always a big help before her passing.

Thoughts of my mother had come up many times for different reasons. I'd ask questions to her as if she was close by and I'd feel or sense her guidance. Finding this dime in the drawer was significant as it marked the twentieth anniversary of her passing. It was her way of showing me that she is with me, loving me, and supporting me. I call these symbolic wonders, a 'hello from beyond' some refer to them as 'miracles from heaven'.

Additionally, I found the coin tails side up which is emblazoned with the infamous Bluenose ship from Nova Scotia and the year 1979. What is the meaning behind the Bluenose ship marking on the dime and the year 1979? That year was the year my father, an R.C.M.P. officer was relocated to Ottawa, from Saskatchewan and we were setting sail towards a new phase in our lives on many fronts. There's a suggestion or interpretation to indicate or direct oneself to steer through all seas, rough or calm with tenacious courage and optimism.

"Just like an ocean, finding dimes are a symbol of love that reaches us like a wave from the Universe, a loved one, a guiding force to let us know we are not alone." - Christie Flynn

The Placement of the Dime Can Present Additional Insights.

Finding A Dime At A Designated Location

Finding a dime or any coin nowadays is rare since most people use debit, credit, or alternative methods of payment. Finding a coin beside a wallet or cash register doesn't feel random at all. It makes sense that a dime or any coin would be found next to a cash register. I remember finding a dime beside my car door after returning from the grocery store. It wasn't there when I got out of my car either. The message or insights from an experience can be as simple as someone thinking of you. Who comes to mind when you find a symbol that connects you to a loved one? Whoever it is within a flash of a thought, trust that it's their little way of letting you know that they are with you.

"Christie, I did look it up, but there are so many meanings, and I was wondering what your definition maybe?" Lisa

It's essential to take a moment to consider its placement. Where was the coin placed? Was the placement significant in some way to catch your attention? Was it placed in an area you frequently pass, or was it a new area? What were you thinking about before finding the coin? Reflect back on different experiences or take note when they happen to validate the connections.

Last year I found a dime on the step in the middle of the staircase. I had climbed those steps numerous times that day and never witnessed its presence before. Finding the dime on the stairs instantly correlated with the notion of taking steps toward a new opportunity within my field. The date on the dime was marked by the year 1978. Well, I knew exactly what that meant, too, because that's the year my boyfriend was born. Bingo! Another confirmation for me in many ways.

The placement, position, or location can indicate another form of interpretation.

Some may include, change is ahead, shifting into a new direction with an open heart and mind.

What does the placement of the dime want you to look at? Follow whatever comes to mind, what you feel, or sense in general. Trust first; write down the experience. The answer sometimes arrives slowly. Surrender and wait for a clue, a solution, and an explanation that feels right for you.

Tail Side Up.

The tail side up for the Canadian ten-cent coin is marked with the famous ship called the Bluenose. Finding the dime with the side up may include new beginnings ahead, a new phase, an adventure awaits, a movement away from experience, celebrating successes, being open to new experiences and opportunities, or letting go and allowing the journey to unfold. Quite literally, to set sail and travel. Further interpretation can include, leading a tighter ship, budget-wise. From a much higher perspective, the soul's journey is in a vast ocean of possibilities. Hands at the helm, leading oneself through storms and smooth waters. Your personal view of the landscape genuinely makes the voyage journey. The open waters await. Lastly, a loved one is close and watching over you. I can also visualize a team of support behind you speaking together in unison and sharing the words, "We have your back."

In my previous story of finding the dime while cleaning out the drawer, with the 'tail' side facing upward. This marking signifies a new beginning and adventure ahead. I can hear the words "full steam ahead." I can also see a team of people working the ship, much like in any relationship or new beginning. It takes a team, a community, and leadership to lead the way on a new course. I can feel an ocean of goodness all around it as well. The marking of the year is 1979.

Finding a Dime - Head Side Up.

The Queen of England is the current symbol or marker used on the Canadian ten-cent coin. She is a leader in her own right. The messaging insight could signal to step into leadership, leading the way, or even standing tall to reaffirm confidence. Building confidence takes practice, patience, and courage. It's a time to express/voice leadership qualities and individuality as a pioneer and innovator. Other possible meanings for finding the dime with the heads side up may also include:

  • A time to delegate to others in order to inspire more leaders.

  • Leading by example, setting the tone, and moral compass in a better direction.

  • To trust intuitions, and inner guidance and to take on the role of a leader even without a title.

More insights may suggest applying strength during this next period of time; a new chapter is about to begin, be open to the senses, and intuitions, a time to express assertiveness, be mindful of thoughts directed in the negative direction, respectfully take authority, too much in the mind - overthinking or overanalyzing a situation or behavior, constantly dwelling on the same thing over and over cluttering the mind with nonsense. To steer the mind toward open waters and challenges as they come up. To navigate through or around the situation, a person, place, or experience.

Finding Dimes in a Series or Sequence

A sequence of finding dimes is an incredibly special one. Here are a few interpretations to consider.

Keep focusing ahead and following the current path. Be open to curiosity as it drifts in and out. Be open to different paths, right or left, this way or that way. The path is unfolding as it should. A team or a crew of support from the unseen world surrounds you. Never underestimate your impact and the power you hold to become whatever you set your sights on. Take one step ahead. Keeping going. Remember, patience is the acceptance of natural rhythms as they occur. Never underestimate the power of each step or action taken.

Other Possible Insights.

During celebratory situations, the message may include, "Well done, I'm with you, I hear you, or I'm so very proud of you."

During challenging times, it can mean that a loved one or friend is with you, your support team is at your side, and you're not alone. A time to change or shift perspective.

Finding a Dime Can Inspire Curious Wonder About the Unseen World.

Finding A Dime Can Be Quite Magical

To be on the receiving end of a repeating occurrence of something in our physical world helps us feel special. Just like the randomness of a rainbow in the sky, the beauty of the colors in one sunset, or even a shooting star. Even the unlikelihood of a memorable song playing on the radio just as you think of someone or a dime found on the first step of the stairs you've climbed for the tenth time in one day. These occurrences may bring about a feeling of personal connection to something more.

In all my years in my practice, I've encountered many clients from all backgrounds, ages, religions, and cultures that have been on the receiving end of finding a dime. Love bridges this beautiful connection, a communication of the heart, and it's a beautiful thing. For some perhaps, there's a quality or feeling of oneness rather than separateness that's needed now more than ever.

Can You Ask for a Particular Symbol?

A friend heard about this incredible sighting and wondered if she, too, could receive these special dimes. "Yes, of course," I told her.

"Can I receive dimes too, Christie?"

Whether it's a dime, another coin, or a symbol you prefer like the owl or a butterfly, set an intention on whatever you chose and then let it go. Be prepared for the selected symbol to appear on your path at some point in time. Make note of current events, thoughts, or inquiries when it happens.

I'd like to take a moment to share a gentle reminder to put down the phone, or any technology and get out into the outdoors where nature nurtures the soul and deeper connection to the magical wonders of the world, seen and unseen. Early morning, a break in the day, or just before bedtime. This is a great way to open up the senses and awareness to unfold over time or time to just be.

Closing Message From Christie.

Christie Flynn, Spiritual Medium, Writer, and Consultant.

Welcome to the community here if you're new and thank you for joining.

Never underestimate the power of your team of light and loved ones. When you find a random coin or notice something quite rare, trust the feeling behind it, who it's from, and why you're receiving it.

Feel free to share any experiences you've had in the comment section. Did you feel like it was divinely timed to find your dime or coin? If you'd like to subscribe to receive more content, select the subscribe button below.

Take good care.

Much love,


Christie Flynn Consulting Inc.


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