August 2020 Outlook

If you don’t know this already…

Welcome to my blog,

My name is Christie Flynn, I’m a Psychic Medium, Teacher and Connector of Souls. I am also a mother to two fine young men aged 20 and 23. I have two dogs, Sophie a Boston Terrier and Parker, an English French bulldog mix. My hometown/city is Ottawa, the beautiful capital of Canada where I’ve lived most of my life… Since the age of 9.

Now let's get into the energy of August and all the details I've received.

Today’s blog reflects the sit-down sessions I’ve had with myself channeling insights for the month of August 2020 with significant information that will be important to help you navigate the months ahead.

I’ll call this month, Setting the Foundation.

In the video below and this blog, I’ll be sharing information I’ve collected over the week by tuning into the energy of August, how it’s playing out, and how best to prepare yourself in the months ahead.

Welcome to August’s Outlook, but first a quick backgrounder for any new listeners that have joined here today. Even at a young age of 2 years old, I felt connected to something more, a sensitivity to energy around me, and much more. Fast forward to 2003 before my mother’s passing, I began to know and feel things before they happened. The day my mom passed I became even more sensitive, intuitive, and connected to those on the other side… so I could see, feel, hear, and know things that others couldn’t. </