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August 2020 Outlook

If you don’t know this already…

Welcome to my blog,

My name is Christie Flynn, I’m a Psychic Medium, Teacher and Connector of Souls. I am also a mother to two fine young men aged 20 and 23. I have two dogs, Sophie a Boston Terrier and Parker, an English French bulldog mix. My hometown/city is Ottawa, the beautiful capital of Canada where I’ve lived most of my life… Since the age of 9.

Now let's get into the energy of August and all the details I've received.

Today’s blog reflects the sit-down sessions I’ve had with myself channeling insights for the month of August 2020 with significant information that will be important to help you navigate the months ahead.

I’ll call this month, Setting the Foundation.

In the video below and this blog, I’ll be sharing information I’ve collected over the week by tuning into the energy of August, how it’s playing out, and how best to prepare yourself in the months ahead.

Welcome to August’s Outlook, but first a quick backgrounder for any new listeners that have joined here today. Even at a young age of 2 years old, I felt connected to something more, a sensitivity to energy around me, and much more. Fast forward to 2003 before my mother’s passing, I began to know and feel things before they happened. The day my mom passed I became even more sensitive, intuitive, and connected to those on the other side… so I could see, feel, hear, and know things that others couldn’t.

Now looking at the month of August…

We are INCREASINGLY experiencing a strong Arc of Life – Now what do I mean by this?

There are different phases beginning with the start-up, growth, peak, and then a downward phase - a decline in each arch. And depending on which phases you connect with will determine your next steps.

The start-up is defined as you’re actually starting up in an area of tremendous focus or calling up, in the past months with the collective energy you’ve either decided to pivot, become innovative/creative and shift your focus. You may feel an energetic pull to do something different, a change and shifting of gears toward a new area you’re drawn toward – possibly a new course, going back to school or a new business idea - well done if you’ve jumped into this wholeheartedly without getting pulled into the collected downward energy.

The growth period marks a continued focus on an area you’re thriving in or even very curious and challenging yourself in new ways. Be intentional and open to new ideas, opportunities and meeting new people.

Peak period – you’re more at ease and in the flow. You’re confident and ready to grow again. OR you’re tired out took on too much and are slowly moving toward a declining energy. If you’re here, take a moment to check in with yourself and re-align with your goals, focus area, supportive community – family, friends, co-workers – who’s on your team. You can’t go it alone. Align with your team and vision.

2020 marks a clear ending or beginning of a new phase in your life. There are a collective dark and light energy that’s mulling about.

You’ve either identified with either… with the darker energy, you’re feeling stuck and not knowing what to do, or you’re riding the emotional roller-coaster of the collective darker energy and haven’t decided to STOP it through FREE WILL to remove yourself from it.

Often, we can get drawn to focus on what the collective energy is dwelling upon and it’s incredibly distracting.

You can either choose to join it and spiral into the energy. It feels like a rip current in the water trying to pull you away off into the deep waters or you can swim away from it… my point is, you choose. If you choose to observe this collective energy from a higher perspective you can see, feel, and know that this isn’t for your highest good. Spirit wants you to empower yourself to know the difference and choose the higher ground.

Do you remember or recall from Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming, or her speech where she shares' her family motto and those individuals who show up around you who are cruel, or bullies…? “When they go low, we go high.” - DON'T STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL... You're better than that. Do whatever you need to do to remove yourself from the situation or conversation. - Embrace healthy boundaries, I say...

Most often our personalities as well with astrology, we can connect to the four elements One or more of the following examples may feel fitting for yourself.

The Fire Element: You can be easily ‘fired-up’, ‘triggered’, yet passionate. Practice mindfulness pay attention to the moments when you’re ‘fired up’ and directly focus towards what you can do. Steer your ship towards your passions which help to level out your energy. Practice empathy.

The Earth Element: You can be stubborn irrational, and inflexible. Practice objectivity focus on creative projects and outlets for right brain thinking rather than stuck in a place of worry, narrow-mindedness, and over-thinking. Be open to flexibility, reflection, and the bigger perspective. Take on what you can handle rather than over-loading and burning out. The integration of a basic Hatha Yoga and daily meditation will be helpful here.

The Water Element: Often the deep thinker, passionate and nurturing. You thrive where there’s fear or can feel stuck or frozen in fear. You can side with each easily, meaning you can be ‘fluid’ and in the moment. You’re highly creative and thrive when you’re working with direction. Be mindful of distractions of others. To balance out your energy you thrive around water. Take in the energy of a beach, a lake, an activity within the water will be helpful.

The Wind Element: How are you communicating? Do you speak up for yourself or choose to avoid confrontation? Be open to sharing your opinion, voice, and communicating how you feel with various topics. Your energy is contagious, and people feel drawn to hear you speak. Take time to turn off technology, connect with yourself – grounding in nature, watching the clouds drift by, noticing the birds and how they soar on the wind, and give yourself ample opportunity to wind-down at night. Steer clear of too much social media and news that voices toxic, negative energy. Find healthy ways to burn off your energy such as a walk, sitting in nature and taking a moment to catch your breath. Be mindful of your breath practicing deep breathing exercises as well.

Take time to become aware and mindful of the people, situations that make a strong emotional impact on you. Is it a positive or a negative pull? Are you a participant, a bystander, or are you choosing to re-focus, walk away, and move on to being more productive? It’s easy to be a victim and sit in that energy. It’s like playing in the mud. Who do you want to associate with? Like attracts like… Much like the Law of Attraction.

Shift the energy… Yes, you can choose a higher focused position and intention.

How you show up in August will also determine how the circumstances, events, and flow of the next four months. Much like building a solid foundation that I spoke about last fall of 2019 in my LIVE Facebook events…

Set a solid foundation with passion, tenacity, focus, and intention.

Whether it’s in the area of a relationship, friendship, career, family, health, community, abundance… any kind of imbalance with challenging your arc of life – how you evolve mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Where can you take better ownership?

Steer your energy, your ship towards your health, passions, creativity, nurture opportunities, get out there, and communicate, step into your light, let go of the past. There are two areas you can’t change right now and that’s the past and future. That’s out of your control. Well, you can impact your future in your PRESENT direction. Be flexible, be open, speak from your heart with truth, compassion, love, and purpose.

Practice healthy ways to burn off your energy with activity in nature, the arts, and an active role in how you’re connecting to every area of your life. Start the foundation, lay the first brick, take it one day at a time because by the end of this year…if you take responsibility then you’ll have a better position by December 31st than you do right now.

How are you going to carve your path for you, your work, family, and direction for 2020? It’s all held in the power of your intentions and influence that assists the direction.

My services:

I offer services to help with this through energy healing as a group (online via zoom) or individually, one-to-one readings by video/phone/in-person, and teachings -I offer for intuitive and psychic development courses throughout the year (applications for September 2020 to, and you can check these services out here on the website

Thank you for being here and if I’ve covered an area that resonated with you, let me know with a comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next month for September’s Outlook and more.

Much love,

Christie xo

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