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Intuition vs. Psychic Abilities: What is the Difference?

I've had so many messages, texts, and calls about tuning in during these challenging times we continue to face. I know everyone is asking the obvious questions, such as: "When will this be over?", "Am I safe to go out?", "Can I book a trip?" ,and many more.

There are no set answers currently, but I have shared in my new Monthly Outlook that the energy will not lighten until next summer. I also have to mention many of you have been asking how to tune into your intuition at this time. So, I thought it was important to remind you of the primary differences between psychic information and intuitive information.

How do you tell whether you’re getting psychic messages, I like to call them "psychic hits" or is it just a hunch or your imagination? The words psychic and intuition are often used interchangeably. Yes, there is a difference between the two? I’d say that psychic ability is simply the natural extension of our intuition. The more in tune you are with your intuitional hunches, you will begin to graduate toward becoming psychically inclined.

I have your back, with love... intuition. - Unknown

You’re probably pretty familiar with intuition. It’s that gentle nudge that every so often comes out of the blue. You can feel it in your body or have a strong sense of knowing something. When you learn to recognize, notice, and act upon these feelings, you’ll establish a strong foundation for developing your psychic abilities.

Practicing and using your intuition will result in a stronger link to your psychic awareness, but you may not know where to start or what tools to use. Before we start, there’s one important action I want you to take: Give yourself permission to explore and develop your intuition. To play with it and write down your experiences. I often share with clients and within my mentorship course, Intuitive and Psychic Development Course - those experiences need a place to land. Journaling is a key piece that is important towards development.

The power of awareness precedes change. Your thoughts have an energy. Your innate gifts of intuition has an energy. As you open up, expand and practice you're acknowledging the possibility and THAT has energy... It's giving permission, acknowledgement, and your intuitive development has been accepted.

Much like anything in this world, practice leads to results. As my mother, Spirt, and guides would often share with me during my personal development... "Practice, practice, practice."

I also believe that a well-developed imagination is a healthy part of the development process, and can form a bridge between our intuition and our often-dormant psychic abilities. You can add the sense of imagination to the extended version of the five physical senses - to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Oh and yes... CREATIVITY is an opportunity for expansion too.

Here’s an exercise I’d like you to try. It’ll show how your imagination and psychic abilities work hand in hand to create a flow of information.

Pretend that you’re already psychically aware. Now try to tune in to your innate abilities and use these suggestions below:

  • Ask yourself, “What will my client be wearing today?” (I'll write out a description of him/her physically as well as hair color, and clothes worn for the reading.

  • When your utility bill arrives, try to guess how much it is before you open it.

Write down your results. Share them with me when you have some answers. Cast doubt aside and make time for this important aspect of you. It doesn't have to be saved for the times when you're safety is at risk. It can help you with many areas of your life too.

If you're keen to learn further, feel free to reach out to me about the next course release date. Currently the fall program begins September 9 to December 2, 2020. Registration details are at, under classes on the booking page.

Much love,


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